You tell me.

Lately I've been on the look out for a dress.

Something not to fancy, but nice enough that you could well....get married in it.

Not like the official Big.White.Gown.

More of a, "We're getting married in a small, private ceremony so when we move to Nebraska, both of us will have health insurance."

That kind of a dress.

But don't worry. The BIG.WHITE.GOWN will have it's day. Just not this year.

(Next summer!)

Because seriously, a big wedding, a cross country move and a new job just really shouldn't happen all within two weeks. Right?

So a couple of weeks ago I was in Bend visiting my brother, and my mom and sister came over too. We were out basically dinking around, and drove down to the Old Mill District. There's a Black House White Market there, so we went in.

The sales lady came right over and asked us what we were shopping for. I proceeded to tell her that I was looking for a simple, nice dress to wear during a small wedding ceremony, and that we were having a regular ceremony later.

I also told her that I knew the biggest dress size WHBM carried was a 14, and that lately I've been swinging between a 14 and a 16.

(I know - but Kearney, Nebraska will have a gym! With classes! And I will pay money to go to these classes, and thus be motivated to always attend! Praise the Lord!)

Back on track, this nice, perhaps overly helpful, sales lady proceeds to pull a couple of dresses from the displays, and we head off to the fitting room.

I pull on the first dress, a cute black and white sheath dress. It had a side zipper, and I could get it almost zipped myself, but had to have her (or my mom, I can't remember now) help me zip it to the top. I came out of the small fitting room, where my mom and sister are sitting, and say...

"Well, the girls are definitely in there!"

To which the sales lady overwhelming and excitedly exclaims....

"Oh you're having twins! Congratulations!"

And as I point to my chest, I quickly respond...

"Oh no, I meant these girls!"

And the sales lady face looks horrified.

And my mom's face looks horrified.

But I....I start to laugh.

Because really, the situation is pretty comical. Here I am, shopping for a "quick" wedding dress, and it'd be common to think that often an unexpected pregnancy leads to a quicker wedding. And the dress I'm so snugly zipped into accentuates EVERY curve, including my not so small stomach.

(And nope, we aren't pregnant!)

But instead of saying "I'm sorry", the sales lady goes into a panic and begins shoving different dresses into my fitting room, saying "We'll find you something!".

After trying on said dresses, and finding none that really work, we leave the store.

But at least we left with a great story!


Yesterday after my dentist appointment I was returning a shirt to JC Penney's I had bought online, and thought I'd swing by the dress selection to see what they had.

And I found this number...

And I!

(Especially how I look in it.)


Except it's black.

And part of me says, "Don't listen to superstition!"

But another part of me says, "Should you get married in a black dress?"

And yet another part of me says, "Well, if I wear it with cute heels (red?) and a nice red necklace, then it's like the wedding colors we've picked out..."

So you tell me.

Would you wear black?

Or black with red accents?

Or a totally different dress?


  1. Wear it! It's super cute! And if you feel great in it, that's all that matters.

    I wore my wedding band for about 4 months before we got married because the jeweler offered to solder them together for free when we bought the wedding band. I'm cheap, so I was all for it. A couple of ladies I worked with were horrified and thought we'd surely be getting a divorce because of it.

    It also rained on our wedding day.

    We also lived together for about 9 months before we got married.

    I also didn't have "something blue".

    So do what you feel is right! :-)

  2. I say you should follow your heart! What's most imnportant is how you are going to be surrounded by many, many prayers for great blessings upon your marriage! And, I can just see you looking simply radiant and beautiful in that dress :D Praying your day is just the way you imagine it in every.single.way! Sweet blessings!

  3. I say wear what makes you feel comfortable and special.

    I recall when I got married it was shocking that the bridesmaids wore black with white accents around the neck. Everyone looked nice and soon others were having black and white weddings.

    Any idea when your big day will happen?

  4. I'm still laughing. STILL!!

    Go for the dress ... it's darling!

  5. Me, too! I love the dress..flattering. Accent with a gorgeous lacy up...use your red jewelry! It's all you! Love the story...:-)

  6. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    Darcy, you absolutely have a way with words!! What a crack-up!!
    My input is this: the black dress is stunning! You'll book fabulous in it .... never mind the people who are superstitious .... I KNOW God is going to bless your marriage!!!!!!

  7. I have a similar story...11 years later, and it's still hilarious! Can't wait to tell you! Go for the black dress! It looks very flattering~

  8. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    This is Tracey Nd Tess we totally think black with red high heels would be so fitting for u and Clint!!!


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