All the single ladies...

Our little puppies are growing like weeds - and starting to get into trouble.

(Not really, but they think tipping their mama's food bowl over and scattering her dog food is great fun!)

The females are outnumbered by the males, but they're holding their own pretty well.

They love to be played with, and I can pick them up and lay them over on their back while I hold them, which Clint says is a sign of submission....a good trait to have in a cattle dog.

I've been trying not to get too attached....

Because we've made the final decision not to keep one.

(Moving with puppies probably isn't the best idea for us right now.)

But there are two great families who have already told us they'd like a female, so I thought I'd put these up so they can start to decide which one they want.

Of the three females, one is all black and white, and the other two are marked like their mother; mostly black and white, but they have brown on their cheeks and on their legs where the black meets the white.

The Tri's:

I can tell this one apart by the wider blaze on her face -

And this one has more of a narrow blaze -

The Black & White:

She's a bit of a chunk!

So, we'll still have a female left and three males and we're looking for good families who'd like a (free) puppy!

I'll put pictures of the boys up next week.


  1. oh my goodness ... they are precious! Do we get to head your way on Sunday to see them in person?? :)

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    hey Darci .
    it's tracey im thinking the narrow blaze puppy for us we all decided (when i say all im talking tess me and my niece tiffny)ok well let me know about sunday. thanks



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