We had such a wonderful Memorial Day weekend -

Good cattle.
Fun times.

Clint & I are pretty blessed.

Make it {very} blessed.

And the gifts keep rolling in....

holy experience

260. America; and those who protect it.

261. Puppies with wide-open eyes.

262. A bull (& baggage!) sold last week.

263. Laughing & loving.

264. Learning the YMCA in Kearney is only a block from my new office - and that they have at least three different group classes a night!

265. Finding a good rental company in Kearney.

266. Well run jackpots - The 5 Peaks Classic was a success once again!

267. Pee wee showmanship.

268. Starbucks iced tea lemonades.

269. Babies and blankets.

270. A 22nd birthday for Lindsay! Happy Birthday!

271. BBQ, birthday cake, beer margaritas and and friends to share them with!

272. The Gohr family & their fabulous hospitality and friendship.

273. Pacos & Tacos.

274. Funny faces....and funny men.

275. Two books finished - Jane Kirkpatrick is a fabulous author!

276. Tacos, s'mores and family friends we cherish.

277. Sleeping in - just a little.

278. A day spent catching up on laundry.

279. A new CED for Morrow County - congratulations Kyle!


  1. :) Sounds & Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! Hope your week is just as GREAT! Sweet blessings!

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    Darci, We will miss u and clint very much we have had so much fun getting to know u two. thanks for everything u and clint have done for my daughter she has become very much a mr.Sexton and Darci fan. i hope we can get together soon .

    ur friend

  3. YOu had a GREAT, GREAT weekend ... thanks for making your Sunday evening a blessing to us!! Love you guys ~

  4. Glad you guys had so much fun!


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