Over and over.

We were walking along the sidewalk in the grass towards our parked car,

warm sun heating pavement,

the halls and dorms a blur of brick around us,

bare feet blistered from *pretty* shoes feeling cool blades,

when he says,

"After this year, we won't be connected to anyone here."

Mind racing.

Feelings searching.

Heart sinking.

How many memories did we have invested here?

Too many to count.

Friends, time, family, experiences.

Jobs, school, homes, life.

Our cups over-floweth.

Over and over and over.

holy experience

300. Busy-ness.

301. Birthdays.

302. The arrival of his ring.

303. Good books.

304. Dinner out and about.

305. Honesty. Even when it's hard to hear.

306. Laughter.

307. Thoughtful presents.

308. The way things always work out.

309. Caring friends.

310. Time spent traveling, visiting and enjoying family.

311. Accomplishment.

312. Graduation and celebration for Lindsay.

313. The ending of an era.

314. The OSU fight song and memories it brings back.

315. Coolers, cakes and college graduates.

316. Cool breezes blowing at night.

317. Breakfast at Sharon's.

318. Time well spent saying (hard) good byes to great friends.

319. Family.


  1. NO matter how far away you are...YOU will always be loved by many in Oregon...and there will always be great connections! Tell your Mr. that's just how it is in Eastern Oregon...friends may move, but they are forever friends : D I Love your thankful list....so inspiring! Have a wonderful week! Sweet blessings!

  2. We know how hard it is to be leaving what you have there but we are so excited to get our turn at having you guys close!


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