The drive home.

There are many things to be thankful for on my drive home each Thursday (on my short weeks) or Friday (on my long weeks).

1. I am headed home!

2. Most roads in Nebraska are straight.

3. The first 2 hours of my drive are freeway - and there is a Sonic about an hour into my drive - and I always visit it.

4. After I leave the freeway at Keystone, and start heading through the hills, I pass The Haythorn Ranch.

While the Haythorn is known all over for their horses, last week I stopped for their Longhorns.....

and their haystacks....

Most ranches have moved to baling hay in round bales (and the Haythorn does too), but they also still put up bunch hay with teams of draft horses.

5. When I make the turn north at Hyannis, it's only a half hour until home!

And home - well, it's where the heart is.

And also where my husband is.


"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”
- Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


Have a great weekend everyone - at home, at Chief Joseph Days, or wherever this weekend takes you!


  1. Love this little tour ... and way to see the best in everything ... you're good like that :) Hope you have a GREAT weekend!! Hi to Clint too :)

  2. Did you know that Waldo Haythorn played a big role in Rob's life as a child? He even as a child rode horses in their sales. We took the Renegades down there one Sunday to see where their Dad grew up during grade school.


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