This is what the meadow Clint was swathing in this weekend looked like after lunch (or dinner, as they say here) on Saturday....

And this, well this, is what the same field looked like at 6:00 that same day.

Because in between, this happened.....

All because of these....

And some dual rods and rims that didn't want to stay in place.

And me, well.....

How many hands does it take to run an air gun, right?

Just joking, I did help a little.

(It's old fashioned, but it drives Dave nuts when I try to do "men" work. So sometimes, it's easier to stand back and let the guys do the work.)

Sunday morning everything was back in line, and the guys hit it hard again.

Because when it's haying season...well, you hay as hard as you can!


  1. Especially with the wet weather we've had and trying to get to Timmerman's in time!

    Haying is haying and it consumes Nebraska ranch life.

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. And there are no Les Schwabs in Nebraska to save you all! :-)

  3. O man!What a drag...And I know how much you like to stand around and watch people work...LOL


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