Let the games begin.

I've been talking about losing weight for awhile now.

And instead of losing, I've just been gaining.

I don't think I realized how heavy I'd gotten until I was looking through the pictures Lindsay took at our wedding ceremony and realized that while I loved the pictures, I was NOT thrilled about how I looked in them.


Last weekend amidst the chaos of moving, myself and two new family members made a bet.

$20 bucks each a month.

Winner at the end of the month takes the pot.

First one to 15 pounds lost wins a prize.

The games continue until we're each at our target weight.


The first weigh in was yesterday.

(204.4 pounds)

Oofta. Yuck.

My goal is to get to 160 by June 18th, 2011 and be totally comfortable with the way I look in my wedding pictures next year.

Will you encourage me (and the others)?


  1. Good luck! I've found I'm hungry. Man I musta been packing away a ton of food because it's not like I'm not eating. (I'm just not stuffing myself.) :)

  2. Best of luck to you! I know you're frugal, but Weight Watchers online worked for me. And just think...if you win, you will be paid back for the sign-up fee! :-)

  3. Go girl!! I'm cheering you on and praying too :) You can do it!!

    Love to you today ~

  4. That is such an awesome idea!! I lost 35 lbs on the diet I was doing at convention last year. I have gained 10 back but I have been lazy. I know you can do it too!! I can't wait to see skinny Darcy at convention!! Woo hoo! I am cheering you!! You could come visit me and it would melt off!! HAHA It is crazy hot here but hey what's is new right?! God Bless and know I am willing the pounds away for you!!

  5. You can do it....I know you can...so, GO DARCY GO!!! Sweet blessings!


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