The music blares.

"Keep your hands up! I want to see those knees high!!!", encourages the instructor.

You want to give up.

You want to drop your hands.

You want the music to s.t.o.p.

But you don't give up.

You keep your hands up, the knees high, and your hips keep shaking to the music.

And in the end, the effort is worth it. It just is.


We were blessed to help Clifford & Yvonne (Clint's "Gramps" and "Gram") celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary this weekend.

67 years people!

67 years of marriage, love, children, work, homes and family.

Trials, blessings, laughter and love.

67 years of keeping the hands up, knees high, and the music going.

And if you ask them, they'll say it was all worth it.

(Back - Siblings Dave, Sheryl & Milt Front - Yvonne & Clifford)

These two are pretty amazing - and pretty funny.

But watch out - they play a mean game of cards.

Congratulations Gramps & Gram!

holy experience

400. Small gifts.

401. Shaking, jumping, stomping, moving.

402. Phone calls.

403. The drive home to a 3 day weekend.

404. Dinner at Milt & Laura's.

405. Laughter...uncontrollable laughter.

406. Singing.

407. Warnings.

408. Ice cubes.

409. The mist from the lawn sprinkler as I skirt around the edges of it.

410. The clothesline.

411. Dinner on the BBQ - and fewer dishes to wash because of it.

412. Jace crackin' the bull whip.

413. The dew tickling my bare toes.

414. Cool evening breezes.

415. A Sunday nap together on the couch.

416. Leo, the puppy.

417. A baby shower invitation.

418. Good examples.

419. And Gramps & Gram said they'll host the dinner for the next couple who has their 67th....we said it was a bet!


  1. What a great family you have...Thanks for keeping us up on your life, and the road it takes you on...


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