Man, last week seemed to fly by.

(Which is a blessing in and of itself.)

I think I'm starting to get settled into this new routine....

Work is still great, and the work day flies by. Then by the time I've hit the Y and grabbed dinner, the evening is over.

I was pretty worried about having a lot of time on my hands after work and feeling homesick, but thankfully not to much of that yet.

Unfortunately, this weekend flew by just as fast.

The time at home just doesn't seem like enough when Sunday afternoon rolls around.

But my 4 hour drive back to Kearney passes by pretty quickly when I have a good book to read.

(Umm, don't tell my mom or the state patrol I read and drive. I made the mistake of telling Mel I did that and the look of horror on her face was as expected. I should have known better.)

But I did get Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Mending at the Edge" - the last book in the "Change and Cherish Historical Series" finished! I do so love her books and writing style. Next up: "An Absence So Great"

(Yes, the library here in Kearney has Jane's books - wahoo!)


The guys have been baling meadow hay all this week and weekend, and I think they're beginning to feel like they're making some headway after a slower than normal start.

But as it is with any type of farming, machinery has a tendency to break down - or in our case, get stuck.

And this weekend was no exception!

Later this week I'll post more pictures of them haying - and tell you about the crazy ground we have here - sometimes you're on top of sod that is just floating on top of the aquifer.

Have a great Monday - here's to each of us finding more "routine" too!

holy experience

380. Evening classes at the Y.

381. All of the great amenities in Kearney.

382. Lunch with co-workers.

383. The sense of "family" at the office.

384. Phone calls to Clint at night.

385. Air conditioning. (Was it ever hot & humid here this week!)

386. Busy-ness.

387. Meeting the other CED's I'll work with here in the district.

388. The HyVee deli - so many choices!

389. Getting into a routine.

390. Good conversations with new friends.

391. An unexpected and great phone call with my good friend (and old college roommate) Becky - thanks for calling!

392. Being able to catch up effortlessly.

393. Smooth travels home.

394. Longhorns, hay stacks and harvesting crews headed north - all great things to look at on the way home.

395. A husband who stayed up until I got home.

396. An afternoon spent with Clint - even if we were working on the swather.

397. Finishing laundry, dinner and dishes in time for a quick snuggle and a part of a movie.

398. A short Sunday afternoon nap. (It's amazing what a 30 minute nap can do for me!)

399. Settling back in and starting a fresh week.


  1. :) cheers to routine and settling in ... have I told you how proud I am of you?! Well I am!!

  2. Glad you're settling in, but let's try a book on CD, shall we?!? ;-)

  3. I agree with a book on Cd. I'd have the same look of horror on my face that Mom did!

    Glad the routine is helping you to get settled. I know as we settle into our home it is helping us all get more settled here.

    As for the floating sod. It's awesome if you ride over it, but sucks if a tire sinks into it.
    Sounds like a whole lotta sinking has been going on.

    Have a great week!

    Oh and don't forget tomorrow is the dreaded scale day. :0

  4. Yeah I'm gonna have to 3rd the book on CD.
    Glad you have the heart and grit to stick with this and make it work. Cheers!!!

  5. You are very inspiring...I think I might still be crying and whinning as I am a total creature of habit and all those changes would be throwing me way out of my routine and comfort zone! I just know God has sweet blessings ahead for you!


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