To care.

I am not perfect - far from it.

I try my best - but fail in ways daily.

I talk to loud. I speak to fast.

I'll turn the corner, and run someone over with my words.

But it's not about perfection.

It's about trying, and striving and working hard.

With a great team of people around you - they don't expect perfection.

They expect persistence and effort.

They expect you to be there. To try. To give it your all.

And to care.

And I'm finding that I care. A lot. As much as I did before.

I was a little afraid I wouldn't find that here - but I have.

And it feels great.

The Buffalo/Sherman County FSA Staff

Front - Mandy, Karen, Mona, Jolene

Middle - Peggy, Julie C., Sharon, Me, Julie L., Bridgette

Back - Ryan, Jerry, Annette, Jean

*Jerry, Ryan & Jolene handle farm loans - The rest of us handle the farm programs.


  1. Holy smokes...Thats way bigger of an office personal than I thought. I'm glad your "fitting in" just fine.

  2. Darcy, Im so happy you and clint are doing so great. hope you got the pictures i sent the next set will be sent soon and will contain pics of miss Tizzy dog hahahha. love and miss u guys.

    Tracey & family


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