Welcome to the ranch.

The Bunkhouse

{home for now}

The boxes aren't all unpacked, but we're getting settled in.

Work last week was great - I couldn't ask for a better start and staff.

And after multiple thunderstorms, the guys are finally getting some hay put up.

(But more thunderstorms are headed this way....golf ball size hail anyone?)

We're living simply. Loving whole heartedly.

But to be honest, I'm still trying to adjust.

Things are different here. Not better, not worse...just different.

But it will all be worth it - and it is worth it.

holy experience

360. Simple living.

361. Fire flies.

362. Walks around a new neighborhood.

363. An awesome staff to work with.

364. Sonic diet limeades after work. (There's one a few blocks from my office - I think God is looking out for me.)

365. Flowers to greet me on my first day. (I told you they were an awesome staff!)

366. Phone calls from friends.

367. Phone calls from Clint.

368. A week at work that flew by.

369. A weekend at home.

370.Sunsets on the drive home to the ranch at the end of the week.

371. Sunday dinners (that's lunch to us from the west coast!).

372. Sabotage :)

373. Chains & tow cables.

374. A swather "unstuck".

375. Zumba.

376. A new and fabulous apartment for Lindsay.

377. More Sonice diet limeades. (I've been drinking a lot of them - only 25 calories!)

378. Friendships.

379. Making it work.


  1. Even good change can be hard.

    I hope the sabatoge is in the form of food. :)

    Have a great week and keep making it work!

    Love having you guys in Nebraska!!!

  2. Jenny EstesJuly 13, 2010

    Glad your settling in... But we miss you back home. Especially since bunko is coming up:(

  3. I love it!! :) Every bit of it ... except the part about it being so far away ... but it looks perfect!

  4. So glad God is sending Ta-Da moments your way as you begin writing this new chapter in your story as Mrs. :D Sending many prayers your way...that God will continue to bless you each and every day ! Sweet blessings!


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