Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What makes for a great day of pre-conditioning calves?


A beautiful morning to gather pairs in (although it would get hot later)....

Great people to work with....

A little direction from Dave on where to push the pairs....

Pairs who basically knew their way to the corrals, and didn't try to run off....

Getting the vaccinating and pouring done....

Clint & Uncle Dan vaccinated, yours truly poured...

Dave, Grant, Kristi & Aunt Jeannie made sure we had calves to work...

And the job got done!

But not without a few laughs first....

Sorry Kristi - I love this picture - and you look skinny in it too!

And then we headed to the house where Mel had a fabulous lunch waiting for us - and I do mean fabulous!

(Like diet-buster fabulous - but it was worth it!)

And maybe a beer margarita or two.

Hey, it was hot outside!

Monday, August 30, 2010








Hired Man!


And while Jace and Clint rode their horses...

Jacobi & I rode the "Steel Stallion"!

I'll post more pictures of this weekend later - we had a ball!

holy experience

500. Errands done!

501. Hunan's Hot & Sour Soup - yum!

502. Back home in the arms of my husband.

503. A beautiful, cool morning Saturday.

504. Great help from Uncle Dan & Aunt Jeannie, Grant, Kristi & the kids.

505. An event-free gathering.

506. Calves worked.

507. Mouths fed - thanks for a great lunch Mel!

508. Cold drinks from the cooler.

509. Seeing Kristi and the kids.

510. An afternoon spent hanging out.

511. Tagging new baby calves with the kids- and not getting taken by the mama's!

512. Walking with Kristi.

513. A (free!) wedding planner - Jacobi's got it all lined out! :)

514. Visiting & chatting around the dinner table.

515. A quick nap.

516. Phone calls to friends and family back home. Love you guys!

517. "Seeing" the Oregon State Fair.

518. An awesome workout tonight at the Y.

519. Being here for it all.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Least expected.

I've been reading a lot lately -

You could say I have some extra time on my hands.

And as a small side note, I've actually stopped watching TV when I'm in Kearney. Probably because Bravo isn't included in our cable line up. I know, it's bad, but I love me some good Bravo reality TV.

Anyway, I've been picking up a couple of books every week from the library and as I'm reading, I try to jot down different excerpts and quotes that strike me.

So a week or two ago, I finished "My Sister's Keeper" (such a good book) and this grabbed me....

"The people you love can surprise you every day. That maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do, but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it."

And while the author wrote those words with a different purpose, it made me think -

How many times has someone we know & love...

Done something you didn't even know they could do?

Done something for you that you didn't want to do yourself?

Allowed or motivated you to do something you didn't think you could?

Anyway, I thought that excerpt was worth pondering.


I guess I knew that Clint was capable of roping and tripping a cow to doctor it.

I just hadn't ever seen him do it.

Dave did the doctoring.

(They roped the cow to doctor her because we were a few miles from a squeeze chute.)

A "least expected" surprise every day -

Isn't that part of what makes life so great?

P.S. - It's Clint's dad's birthday today - Happy Birthday Dave!

Monday, August 23, 2010


A million miles an hour.

Does life feel like it's flying by?

Whizzing, swirling and churning?

I mean, it's the end of August people!


Where has this year gone?

So many memories, days lived, things done....

And I don't even have kids.

Oh gracious - what will it be like when we have kids? I think about that a lot - I do. How hectic and crammed full our lives are right now - how selfish we are with our choices of how to spend our time - and then I think, "What will it be like when we add kids to the mix?".

For those of you wondering - there's no plans for that yet. But still I think about it - and then decide I better live for today.

We live a good life, don't we all?

A good, good, God filled, life.

And I want to remember it all.

Every single, fast flying, moment.

holy experience

480. Potlucks.

481. Just making it by.

482. A three day weekend.

483. A sweet embrace. Why does a hug feel so new every time?

484. Clint making it safely home from Montana.

485. A few more boxes unpacked.

486. Clothes taken in to The Closet.

487. An ice cream cake & a birthday present.

488. Football t-shirts ordered.

489. Guilty football pins.

490. Sunshine and a breeze.

491. A farmer's tan - on my ankles.

492. A wriggly puppy growing up too fast. So wriggly I couldn't get a decent picture - he just wanted to be held and loved on.

493. Katie starting to put some weight on - the transition was hard on her.

494. My first horse sale - can you believe it? Clint didn't believe me when I told him that - after how many cow sales?

495. A new home for two little stud colts and a three year old mare.

(The mare on the left didn't come home with us, she just snuck into the picture.)

496. The hope of better "new horse" pictures next week - it was 5:45 pm when we got done with the sale Gordon and I still had to get to Kearney that night, so I jetted.

497. Mini sour gummy worms from the gas station in Thedford.

498. Two Zumba classes tonight - and our last one with our little group's favorite instructor - he's headed back to school.

499. A full work week. FULL! Love it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dippity dip dip.

Hey Bunco ladies, I've got your back with this post.

You know who you are. :)

We had an office potluck today, and this was one of the sides.

And for the record - I love a good office potluck. Especially when there are lots of salads to choose from!

I know people out there have aversions to potlucks - (Hi Jo!)

But I'm not one of them.

I enjoyed every minute of ours today.....

And then I went to an extra Zumba and 30 Min. Core class to make up for it.

Fair trade.

Anyway, here's the recipe - it is delish!

Cream Cheese Dip

3 blocks reduced fat cream cheese - softened
1 small can of chopped olives
1 packet of dry ranch mix
1 small can of jalapenos
1 can of drained yellow/white corn or shoepeg corn
1 small red onion finely diced

First you want to dice the olives and jalapenos up really well. The goal is to have all of the onion, olives and jalapenos to be about the same size. Then just mix with the rest of the ingredients, and refrigerate. Serve with Baked Lays or multigrain tortilla chips. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Yuppers, it's been a busy week.

Oh, you've never heard the word "yuppers" before?

Well, then you've never visited Nebraska.

Consider yourself officially introduced. :)

Last week flew by - but in the hurry, and the hustle, and the haste....

There is much to be thankful for.

holy experience

460. A new oscillating fan for here in Kearney. Much needed this week!

461. Coldstone cupcakes to celebrate with.

462. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs from co-workers gardens.

463. Looking a little bit like a goober - at least at first. But more importantly, getting the word out. (Click on "CRP sign up")

464. Workshops, meetings and new things learned.

465. Dinners out with new friends.

466. A bridal shower for Jolene.

467. The Cellar's onion rings - never had anything like them!

468. Catch up emails and phone calls.

469. Knowing we're not the only ones who've had haying trouble. ;)

470. A day spent swathing & a steak dinner.

471. A take on our Bunco spinach salad - spinach, Newman's low fat vinaigrette (key ingredient!), sliced strawberries, sliced honey roasted almonds and reduced fat feta cheese - yum!

472. Cool temperatures this weekend.

473. Sunday breakfast.

474. A sweet text message from my husband this morning as he flew out to Montana to judge a county fair and one of their state fairs.

475. Internet and cell phones when flights don't go as planned.

476. Someplace in Kalispell having a rental car - even if it wasn't the one we originally had a reservation with.

477. "Making it" in time.

478. A butt-kicking (and hopefully pound dropping) workout tonight.

479. Rain, and the happy farmers it will bring.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home to Oregon.

While the older of the two heads out to the hay fields to rake hay,

He might he stay back and mow or trim the lawn.

Or feed and check the chickens.

Or paint panels.

But on most days, he sits in the corner space of the cab while Clint drives the swather.

He watches, soaking it all in.

They talk of future plans. The importance of his sophomore year.

Budgeting for a steer. Planning for school clothes and FFA dues.

The importance of grades.


Report cards.


What the future brings - they talk about.


This summer, two of Clint's former students came out to help on the ranch.

I think they got an education.

I know we sure did.

But for those of you who know Austin (most of you do), when I asked him how he would describe his summer to his friends back home, he answered in his always optimistic tone: "I'll say that it was great! And that I learned alot."

You gotta love the kid.

Austin & Jacob fly home today.

Registration for school starts next week, and before they know it, they'll be back in the swing of high school.


I wasn't digging for a compliment when I asked Austin about his summer.

More, I wanted to know that he enjoyed himself and the experience.

And like we've come to know with him, he trusted us with the truth.


We hope their time in the Sandhills has been well spent.

We know it was for us.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot & Humid w/ a Side of Tornadoes

Holy smokes it's been hot and humid here.

But it's probably been that way back in Oregon too.

And it was just a little over a month ago when we were all wanting the rain to stop!

Ahh - gotta love what you can't have, huh?

For the record - no one warned me about how humid it would be here. Or that large hail is an often occurence. Along with tornadoes. And lightning. You know, just the small details.

Actually, my mom would tell you that she did tell me those things; I just didn't want to listen.

But I've learned this -

If you pay $6/year to the local radio station, they'll call your home phone & cell phone and send you an email when a tornado, thunder or hail storm is headed your way.

And if you ask any of the ladies in our office, they'll tell you it's the best $6 bucks I'll spend this year.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Water doggy.

Last Saturday morning when we were out pulling the bulls out of the spring cows, the bulls kept wading to the center of the many small ponds on the ranch to cool off.

Good thing we had Austin along with us....

You can't really tell by my not so professional pictures, but Powers would swim out to the bulls, nip them in the rear, and then swim back to us as the bulls would start to move out the pond.

Very handy.


Like us, the dogs are settling in here....

And I think Austin likes it even more here because there's at least one water tank in every field that's just the right height for her to jump in and cool off in.

holy experience

440. A hole in the hose - and the fine spray of cooling mist it created.

441. A newly working dryer.

442. Still hanging the bedding out to dry on the line.

443. Grilled dinners.

444. The soft whir of the fan as it blows cool breezes over tired bodies.

445. The air conditioning unit in the kitchen window that blows ice cold air as I wash dishes.

446. Making it to town for the fair - to find out it's next weekend.

447. Getting some grocery shopping done instead.

448. Clint suggesting we grab Pizza Hut for dinner.

449. Only eating two slices - when I wanted to eat four! :)

450. Getting to see our neighbor's new baby boy. He's a cutie!

451. Spending time in the hay field.

452. Finishing "My Sister's Keeper". Lindsay was right - it's a must read!

453. Gleaming slivers of hope reaching out from the Golden state.

454. The new "Leaves" Wallflower scent at Bath & Bodyworks.

455. Sales at Target.

456. Getting a multitude of errands done.

457. 50% off barnwood frames at Hobby Lobby. (This frame & glass was only $30! And the picture was a gift from my sister.)

458. A freshly decorated office.

459. Small feelings of accomplishment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010





Some probably think I'm silly.

But I've looked forward to this afternoon all week.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my work, and the work week has been great.

But there's nothing like the feeling that I'm headed home for the weekend -

To be with him.

Because he loves me -

Even when I forget to bring his straw hat to gather cows and he has to pop the collar of his shirt to keep the sun off of his neck!


Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not the winner, but all is not lost.

Well, today was weigh in day.

The day we find out who wins the $60 smackers.

(Three of us "chubby buddies" each put $20 in a pot, and whoever lost the most weight in a month wins the pot. Then we'll start over again this month.)

I know the winner this month won't be me -

This morning I weighed in at 201 for a total of 3.4 pounds lost this month.

Kristi hit it out of the park and lost 9.5 pounds this month!

But it's been a great month -

I've gone to the gym every night I've been in Kearney.

And I'd have been at a gym if they had one in the Sandhills!

I'm not out of breath as easily, and I simply feel better.

The weight will come off - little by little.

I'm eating better, counting calories, and not stopping by Amigos as much.

(For those of you in Oregon - Amigos is an amazingly addictive Mexican fast food restaurant with the best mexi-tator tots, nachos, and all things cheesy, melty, and fatty. And there's two of them in Kearney! Ugh. I try. I try very hard, but sometimes I lose the battle, and I pull through their drive-thru. Ugh.)

This month - my goal is to lose 6 pounds and weigh 195.

But that's going to require a few less (or rather, none) trips to Amigos!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Simply wonderful.

Simply put - it was a wonderful weekend.

holy experience

420. Learning something new each day.

421. Helping hands.

422. Jello Mousse Temptations - 'ya gotta try em! They're my new favorite snack at work.

423. Quick grocery shopping and a smooth getaway to the weekend.

424. Welcoming arms.

425. The feeling of being at home.

426. Early mornings and the cool breezes they bring.

427. Combing, saddling, loading.

428. Trailing, driving, moving.

429. Cool drinks of water.

430. A bit of rest and a lunch of sandwiches.

431. Evening walks & talks with Kristi.

432. A cool shower before bed.

433. Sleeping in and snuggling 'til 7.

434. An afternoon spent swathing while the guys fought the wet meadow.

435. Conversations with family.

436. A safe trip back to Kearney & this Monday zipping right along.

437. A new $49 microwave for the ranch house.

438. A group of women who welcome you back after the weekend.

439. This new adventure - and just simply being here for it.