Home to Oregon.

While the older of the two heads out to the hay fields to rake hay,

He might he stay back and mow or trim the lawn.

Or feed and check the chickens.

Or paint panels.

But on most days, he sits in the corner space of the cab while Clint drives the swather.

He watches, soaking it all in.

They talk of future plans. The importance of his sophomore year.

Budgeting for a steer. Planning for school clothes and FFA dues.

The importance of grades.


Report cards.


What the future brings - they talk about.


This summer, two of Clint's former students came out to help on the ranch.

I think they got an education.

I know we sure did.

But for those of you who know Austin (most of you do), when I asked him how he would describe his summer to his friends back home, he answered in his always optimistic tone: "I'll say that it was great! And that I learned alot."

You gotta love the kid.

Austin & Jacob fly home today.

Registration for school starts next week, and before they know it, they'll be back in the swing of high school.


I wasn't digging for a compliment when I asked Austin about his summer.

More, I wanted to know that he enjoyed himself and the experience.

And like we've come to know with him, he trusted us with the truth.


We hope their time in the Sandhills has been well spent.

We know it was for us.


  1. Darn! for a minute I thought you were coming home! Seen your sister at the rodeo last night...Wish you were here too.

  2. I thought the same thing! You got me all excited while I was waiting for the page to load. Love ya!

  3. Austin was a bright spot at the ranch this summer! Always willing to help and always there a shadow to the Golden Child. I cannot imagine how they are going to miss one another.

  4. You guys make a difference in so many lives ... Austin will remember his summer FOREVER!!

  5. How fun Austin got to come spend the summer with you! I bet it will be one of his fondest memories! Sweet blessings!


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