Hot & Humid w/ a Side of Tornadoes

Holy smokes it's been hot and humid here.

But it's probably been that way back in Oregon too.

And it was just a little over a month ago when we were all wanting the rain to stop!

Ahh - gotta love what you can't have, huh?

For the record - no one warned me about how humid it would be here. Or that large hail is an often occurence. Along with tornadoes. And lightning. You know, just the small details.

Actually, my mom would tell you that she did tell me those things; I just didn't want to listen.

But I've learned this -

If you pay $6/year to the local radio station, they'll call your home phone & cell phone and send you an email when a tornado, thunder or hail storm is headed your way.

And if you ask any of the ladies in our office, they'll tell you it's the best $6 bucks I'll spend this year.


  1. The farther east you go the worse it was last week. In Kansas it was 105 and Wednesday 115 and so so humid. Dry heat is so much more comfortable is my conclusion.

  2. Hoping you paid your $6! :D And, praying God's protection over you! Sweet blessings!


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