Least expected.

I've been reading a lot lately -

You could say I have some extra time on my hands.

And as a small side note, I've actually stopped watching TV when I'm in Kearney. Probably because Bravo isn't included in our cable line up. I know, it's bad, but I love me some good Bravo reality TV.

Anyway, I've been picking up a couple of books every week from the library and as I'm reading, I try to jot down different excerpts and quotes that strike me.

So a week or two ago, I finished "My Sister's Keeper" (such a good book) and this grabbed me....

"The people you love can surprise you every day. That maybe who we are isn't so much about what we do, but rather what we're capable of when we least expect it."

And while the author wrote those words with a different purpose, it made me think -

How many times has someone we know & love...

Done something you didn't even know they could do?

Done something for you that you didn't want to do yourself?

Allowed or motivated you to do something you didn't think you could?

Anyway, I thought that excerpt was worth pondering.


I guess I knew that Clint was capable of roping and tripping a cow to doctor it.

I just hadn't ever seen him do it.

Dave did the doctoring.

(They roped the cow to doctor her because we were a few miles from a squeeze chute.)

A "least expected" surprise every day -

Isn't that part of what makes life so great?

P.S. - It's Clint's dad's birthday today - Happy Birthday Dave!


  1. Very cool! Love his black horse! :-)

  2. Now just imagine Grandma, Dave, myself,and the two Renegades doing that to a yearling. Was all well until the yearling got up and decided to take Grandma. She jumped behind the 4 wheeler and I jumped a fence. We least expected a sick yearling to be so angry when it got up!

    Your pictures just reminded me of that time.

  3. It was SO great to talk to you last night :) Missing you even more now :)

    Love this post ... love the words that I'm pondering over again today :)

    LOVE you ~

  4. Now that is REAL Cowboying!!! So glad you captured it on film! Sweet blessings!


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