Hired Man!


And while Jace and Clint rode their horses...

Jacobi & I rode the "Steel Stallion"!

I'll post more pictures of this weekend later - we had a ball!

holy experience

500. Errands done!

501. Hunan's Hot & Sour Soup - yum!

502. Back home in the arms of my husband.

503. A beautiful, cool morning Saturday.

504. Great help from Uncle Dan & Aunt Jeannie, Grant, Kristi & the kids.

505. An event-free gathering.

506. Calves worked.

507. Mouths fed - thanks for a great lunch Mel!

508. Cold drinks from the cooler.

509. Seeing Kristi and the kids.

510. An afternoon spent hanging out.

511. Tagging new baby calves with the kids- and not getting taken by the mama's!

512. Walking with Kristi.

513. A (free!) wedding planner - Jacobi's got it all lined out! :)

514. Visiting & chatting around the dinner table.

515. A quick nap.

516. Phone calls to friends and family back home. Love you guys!

517. "Seeing" the Oregon State Fair.

518. An awesome workout tonight at the Y.

519. Being here for it all.


  1. We had an awesome weekend too! You guys are on my list of things to be thankful for too!

    Love the pictures!!!

  2. Paco - Mom texted me pictures of the shows at OSF.

  3. The pictures are amazing ..... you are blessed with beauty all around you!


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