Not the winner, but all is not lost.

Well, today was weigh in day.

The day we find out who wins the $60 smackers.

(Three of us "chubby buddies" each put $20 in a pot, and whoever lost the most weight in a month wins the pot. Then we'll start over again this month.)

I know the winner this month won't be me -

This morning I weighed in at 201 for a total of 3.4 pounds lost this month.

Kristi hit it out of the park and lost 9.5 pounds this month!

But it's been a great month -

I've gone to the gym every night I've been in Kearney.

And I'd have been at a gym if they had one in the Sandhills!

I'm not out of breath as easily, and I simply feel better.

The weight will come off - little by little.

I'm eating better, counting calories, and not stopping by Amigos as much.

(For those of you in Oregon - Amigos is an amazingly addictive Mexican fast food restaurant with the best mexi-tator tots, nachos, and all things cheesy, melty, and fatty. And there's two of them in Kearney! Ugh. I try. I try very hard, but sometimes I lose the battle, and I pull through their drive-thru. Ugh.)

This month - my goal is to lose 6 pounds and weigh 195.

But that's going to require a few less (or rather, none) trips to Amigos!


  1. You weighed less then a month ago and that is success. The third chubby buddy called to check in and she lost 5 pounds this month.

    So I'd say we all had a successful month we all weigh less then we did one month ago!

    Your goal is better then mine you put a number to it I just have the goal of weighing less then I do right now next month. I'm thinking my original goal of losing 30 by my cousins wedding was a tad unrealistic with only month and a half until her big day.

  2. You can do it! So proud of you!! :)

  3. I know you can do it, I just know you can....and, I'm going to keep cheering for you! You are simply amazing in ALL ways! Sweet blessings!

  4. I'm rooting for you...It's a life long struggle for most, so keep on truckin' your on your way.


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