Simply wonderful.

Simply put - it was a wonderful weekend.

holy experience

420. Learning something new each day.

421. Helping hands.

422. Jello Mousse Temptations - 'ya gotta try em! They're my new favorite snack at work.

423. Quick grocery shopping and a smooth getaway to the weekend.

424. Welcoming arms.

425. The feeling of being at home.

426. Early mornings and the cool breezes they bring.

427. Combing, saddling, loading.

428. Trailing, driving, moving.

429. Cool drinks of water.

430. A bit of rest and a lunch of sandwiches.

431. Evening walks & talks with Kristi.

432. A cool shower before bed.

433. Sleeping in and snuggling 'til 7.

434. An afternoon spent swathing while the guys fought the wet meadow.

435. Conversations with family.

436. A safe trip back to Kearney & this Monday zipping right along.

437. A new $49 microwave for the ranch house.

438. A group of women who welcome you back after the weekend.

439. This new adventure - and just simply being here for it.


  1. I am just as thankful for the walks and talks!

    So glad to have you here.

  2. God is good! Giving you the JOY in each and every new thing you experience!!

    Love you Darc~

  3. So LOVE your photos...what a beautiful new home God has blessed you with :D And, so smiling that you are seeing HIS GOODNESS everywhere! Sweet blessings!

  4. P.S. I met of your bordie collie, soooo cute! I think it's definitely going to be the boss of Karl & Jeannie : D Sweet blessings!


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