A million miles an hour.

Does life feel like it's flying by?

Whizzing, swirling and churning?

I mean, it's the end of August people!


Where has this year gone?

So many memories, days lived, things done....

And I don't even have kids.

Oh gracious - what will it be like when we have kids? I think about that a lot - I do. How hectic and crammed full our lives are right now - how selfish we are with our choices of how to spend our time - and then I think, "What will it be like when we add kids to the mix?".

For those of you wondering - there's no plans for that yet. But still I think about it - and then decide I better live for today.

We live a good life, don't we all?

A good, good, God filled, life.

And I want to remember it all.

Every single, fast flying, moment.

holy experience

480. Potlucks.

481. Just making it by.

482. A three day weekend.

483. A sweet embrace. Why does a hug feel so new every time?

484. Clint making it safely home from Montana.

485. A few more boxes unpacked.

486. Clothes taken in to The Closet.

487. An ice cream cake & a birthday present.

488. Football t-shirts ordered.

489. Guilty football pins.

490. Sunshine and a breeze.

491. A farmer's tan - on my ankles.

492. A wriggly puppy growing up too fast. So wriggly I couldn't get a decent picture - he just wanted to be held and loved on.

493. Katie starting to put some weight on - the transition was hard on her.

494. My first horse sale - can you believe it? Clint didn't believe me when I told him that - after how many cow sales?

495. A new home for two little stud colts and a three year old mare.

(The mare on the left didn't come home with us, she just snuck into the picture.)

496. The hope of better "new horse" pictures next week - it was 5:45 pm when we got done with the sale Gordon and I still had to get to Kearney that night, so I jetted.

497. Mini sour gummy worms from the gas station in Thedford.

498. Two Zumba classes tonight - and our last one with our little group's favorite instructor - he's headed back to school.

499. A full work week. FULL! Love it!


  1. LOL at guilty football pins. LOL at least you know your neighbors will have guilty football shirts too! :)

    Glad you have so much to be thankful for!

  2. Sounds like a blessed and busy life indeed ... and yes - when you throw kids into the mix ... it changes everything :) but for good!

    Love you friend ~

  3. So do you have new horses at your home??? So smiling at all your busy-ness and blessings! Hope your week is great all the way around! Sweet blessings! P.S. YOU Will be a GREAT Mama one day :D


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