Water doggy.

Last Saturday morning when we were out pulling the bulls out of the spring cows, the bulls kept wading to the center of the many small ponds on the ranch to cool off.

Good thing we had Austin along with us....

You can't really tell by my not so professional pictures, but Powers would swim out to the bulls, nip them in the rear, and then swim back to us as the bulls would start to move out the pond.

Very handy.


Like us, the dogs are settling in here....

And I think Austin likes it even more here because there's at least one water tank in every field that's just the right height for her to jump in and cool off in.

holy experience

440. A hole in the hose - and the fine spray of cooling mist it created.

441. A newly working dryer.

442. Still hanging the bedding out to dry on the line.

443. Grilled dinners.

444. The soft whir of the fan as it blows cool breezes over tired bodies.

445. The air conditioning unit in the kitchen window that blows ice cold air as I wash dishes.

446. Making it to town for the fair - to find out it's next weekend.

447. Getting some grocery shopping done instead.

448. Clint suggesting we grab Pizza Hut for dinner.

449. Only eating two slices - when I wanted to eat four! :)

450. Getting to see our neighbor's new baby boy. He's a cutie!

451. Spending time in the hay field.

452. Finishing "My Sister's Keeper". Lindsay was right - it's a must read!

453. Gleaming slivers of hope reaching out from the Golden state.

454. The new "Leaves" Wallflower scent at Bath & Bodyworks.

455. Sales at Target.

456. Getting a multitude of errands done.

457. 50% off barnwood frames at Hobby Lobby. (This frame & glass was only $30! And the picture was a gift from my sister.)

458. A freshly decorated office.

459. Small feelings of accomplishment.


  1. I Love reading all your thankful words...and seeing the great, beautiful ways God is blessing you! Your new home looks so beautiful...and so glad Austin has lots of water to enjoy! Happy new week! Sweet blessings!

  2. 1. I miss Austin.
    2. I'm glad your dryer is up and running!
    3. I'm very jelous of your frame.
    4. I miss you! And the Clinton!


  3. There is nothing like a good dog!


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