Yuppers, it's been a busy week.

Oh, you've never heard the word "yuppers" before?

Well, then you've never visited Nebraska.

Consider yourself officially introduced. :)

Last week flew by - but in the hurry, and the hustle, and the haste....

There is much to be thankful for.

holy experience

460. A new oscillating fan for here in Kearney. Much needed this week!

461. Coldstone cupcakes to celebrate with.

462. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs from co-workers gardens.

463. Looking a little bit like a goober - at least at first. But more importantly, getting the word out. (Click on "CRP sign up")

464. Workshops, meetings and new things learned.

465. Dinners out with new friends.

466. A bridal shower for Jolene.

467. The Cellar's onion rings - never had anything like them!

468. Catch up emails and phone calls.

469. Knowing we're not the only ones who've had haying trouble. ;)

470. A day spent swathing & a steak dinner.

471. A take on our Bunco spinach salad - spinach, Newman's low fat vinaigrette (key ingredient!), sliced strawberries, sliced honey roasted almonds and reduced fat feta cheese - yum!

472. Cool temperatures this weekend.

473. Sunday breakfast.

474. A sweet text message from my husband this morning as he flew out to Montana to judge a county fair and one of their state fairs.

475. Internet and cell phones when flights don't go as planned.

476. Someplace in Kalispell having a rental car - even if it wasn't the one we originally had a reservation with.

477. "Making it" in time.

478. A butt-kicking (and hopefully pound dropping) workout tonight.

479. Rain, and the happy farmers it will bring.


  1. It rained here tonight too. It seems to always do that when I really water the yard. Just my luck since the water is metered here.

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. :) Praying this week is overflowing with GREAT things too! Sweet blessings!


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