Fall 2010.

It's FALL in Nebraska!

And that means...

Corn is being picked.

Beans are being cut.

Farmers only come into the office when it rains. (Which it did today, so they poured in!)

Calves are being weaned.

The Huskers are playing football.

The nights are getting cooler.

And, the tornado warnings are back. (We had 'em again last night!)


And let me tell you one thing I've learned real quick here....

There is NOTHING (and I really mean nothing!) that makes a true Nebraskan more happy in the Fall, than when the corn fields get picked on time, and the Huskers win on Saturdays!

But for this "Nebraskan" (if you can call me that, and I don't know if I can yet), nothing would make me more happy than to see the BEAVERS win this Saturday!

Happy Fall! And GO BEAVS!!!


  1. you are beautiful!! Love the corn pics!!

  2. I LOVE that picture of you! Not to mention your shirt is adorable. Love you!

  3. oh and your banner pic ... seriously ... AWESOME!! Frame that sucker!! :)

    Thanks for the visit last night - so great to laugh with a friend :)

  4. The picture of you is so cute. Cute shirt too!

    Ummm you forgot the Jr. Bobcats.......they won last night 22 to 6. Huuuraaaaaaaa!


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