It's A Grand Affair.

Clint & I just spent the last two days at the Nebraska State Fair.

Which this year moved locations from Lincoln (where it'd been for over 100 years) to Grand Island. And let's just say that people in Nebraksa aren't always accepting of change (I mean, look at how much ruckus has been caused with UNL's move outside the Big 10) so there were a few skeptics about how the NEW state fair would look.

I'm here to tell them - it's flat out AWESOME.

The facilities rock. There's no two ways about it. No corners were cut, and the facilities are nice enough to hold any national show. They make anyone want to come show cattle here - the facilities are just that nice.

There's air conditioning in all of the barns and the arena (or heating in the winter), jumbo-trons in all of the barns (so you can be in the barn fitting and still see the action in the show ring), indoor wash racks that can be heated in the winter, drop down electric outlets w/ 4 plug-in's at every stall space (and they're each on their own individual breaker too!), huge fans in all of the barns and arena, offices, a VIP lounge that overlooks the arena, the list just goes on.

See for yourself.

And I mean, if you're going to do a state fair right....

Well, you hire Clay Weber to come judge the sheep show.

We didn't know Clay was coming out, but it was fun to see him sort through the show and catch up on the latest Oregon news.

Congrats to all of the exhibitors. It was fun to see the caliber of the livestock match the caliber of the facilities.

One thing is for sure....

It was a Grand Affair at the 2010 Nebraska State Fair.


  1. Glad to hear it was so great with it moving farther out west!


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