Simply living.

Do you have those days when you just know...

This is where I'm meant to be.

Time isn't hurried.
Tasks aren't forced.
Love outpours.
Blessings abound.

I love those days.

Love, love, LOVE them.

Simply living.

Simply loving.

Simply thanking God for this great life we get to lead.

holy experience

580. Gunnar Lane - We are so excited about his birth! Congratulations Brad & Dawn (and Fallon)!

581. A single flower on my desk - that reminds me that I have it far better than many.

582. Farm policy. Can I just tell you how much easier it makes my job when we have policy to back up our programs?

583. A badly needed new hair cut and color.

584. Wedding lists started.

585. Ideas gathered.

586. Phone conversations with good (great, wonderful, loving!) friends.

587. A Diet Pepsi after a day of meetings.

588. Sinking into the arms of my husband Friday night.

589. Home cooked breakfasts.

590. A day spent with family.

591. Double stirrups. :)

592. Side smiles and whispered "baby's".

593. A fun weekend for Lindsay in Boise with great friends.

594. The Beaver's game on local TV in Nebraska! (Too bad they lost - but it was a good effort.)

595. An "edge of your seat" female sale at the Hoffman Hereford Ranch.

596. Speaking without words.

597. Ice cream, licorice, and holding hands.

598. A pound lost - even after the licorice! :)

599. Having all that we need - and so much more.


  1. So so happy for you...and I LOVE those moments too...when you know you are just where you are suppose to be..and it's ALL GOOD! May God continue to shine brightly on you sweet girl! Sweet blessings!


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