We got a little "tanked" with the Stumpff's yesterday.

Basically, you load up yourselves, your coolers full of goodies and a few life jackets (for cushions) and head out into the river.

We floated the Middle Loup, and it took us about 3 hours to go two miles. Besides getting stuck on a few sandbars, getting the tank wedged under a snagged tree, spinning in circles down the river, finding a place to stop the tank and climb the banks for a quick "break" and a wet pair of jeans - it was FABULOUS!

Really, we had a great time. Thanks Kristi for organizing it!

And in the words of Clint:

"This really should be Karl's next business venture."

And because I was too busy after we got home catching up on laundry to post this:

holy experience

520. News of two brand new baby boys - Congratulations Gray Family and Hoffman Family!

521. Finally hitting the 10 pounds lost mark.

522. Two great days spent at the state fair with Clint.

523. Catching up with old judging friends.

524. Meeting new faces - new to me, old Nebraska friends to Clint.

525. Steak on a stick. Yum.

526. Sharing a blooming fried onion. We forgot to go back the next day for the fried dill pickles though.

527. Watching really high quality livestock classes.

528. A really great book to read this week - "The Help".

529. Browsing, but not buying.

530. Fresh fruit.

531. Three silly dogs who can't wait for you to step out of your car & pet them.

532. Ice cold drinks.

533. Lunch at George & Lori's - thanks again!

534. Getting tanked.

535. Spinning around & around.

536. Laughter & funny conversation.

537. Great memories.

538. A night spent snuggled up (it was cold last night!) next to my husband.

539. A beautiful drive back to Kearney this morning.


  1. OMG You literally just sit in a stock tank... It looks so fun! Tell Karl I'll be his business partner!

  2. So LOVE your Nebraska style of floating the river :D Only cattlemen would think of using their water tank to double as a raft :D And, smiling as I'm trying to picture all the adventure unfolding!!! Also smiling that you got to spend some great time with your husband!!! Have a wonderful SHORT WEEK! Sweet blessings!

  3. OMG it was so fun!!!! Thanks so much for enjoying the day with us.

    Lindsay you have got to go when you get to Nebraska.

  4. Oh and I need a copy of that last picture!

  5. Karl's next adventure ... like Ian & Karl's excellent adventure!! :)

    LOVE it! Missing you when I see pictures of you, but do know that you're radiating with JOY in all these photos!!

  6. What fun ..... definitely something Ian & Karl will have to try ......Oh, My .... just picture it!
    Glad you're adapting to Nebraska so nicely, but missing you here in Oregon.

  7. Wow--that looks like a lot of fun! :) Would love to have you stop by for a visit. :) Oh, I have many good friends living in Nebraska. :)

  8. Run to my blog I gave you an award! Hurry do it now!!!


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