The wood knocked back.

Last Friday I was sitting in my office with two of the gals I work with, one who wasn't feeling so good.

And I was like "Oh, knock on wood (as I'm rapping on my desk), but I rarely ever get sick. Don't worry about me."

That wood bit me in the butt this weekend.

So instead of getting up to the Willow Tree festival in Gordon, Clint was stuck with me on the couch this weekend feeling like crap. (But he did get an extra field baled since we stayed home!)

And while I thought I had shaken it off yesterday, this morning my sinuses & headache were back - and they were not happy campers.

And to cap it all off, we've had tornado warnings all day.

So, instead of pictures (since I've taken zero since last Monday), I thought I'd link to some posts that make me laugh or feel good....even when I'm not.

A lot like wire.

Wondering why God makes life impossible sometimes.

Why I'd like to run....but don't.

What it means to join the sisterhood.

#11 makes me melt.


Love at the ranch.

holy experience

540. TAZO Passion hot tea.

541. Coricidin.

542. Nightime Coricidin. (And here I thought regular Coricidan couldn't get any better - it can!)

543. Pajamas. All day long.

544. Being able to run out on the four wheeler and check cows in my pajamas....and not worrying that anyone will see.

545. Easy dinners.

546. My wonderful, fabulous, loving husband. Love you Clint more than you know.

547. A solid night's sleep.

548. Waking up and feeling like we had slept in - but finding out it was only 7 and we had the whole day in front of us.

549. Brand new baby calves. So sweet!

550. Fitting Clint, myself and both of the dogs on the four wheeler for the ride home.

551. Making it work.

552. Round Up Week! Let 'Er Buck! (We wish we were!)

553. Getting through today - not complaining, just thankful.

554. Naps.

555. Target - I love the one stop shopping right around the corner.

556. Lots of birthdays this week (and month)!

557. Happy (belated) Birthday Robbie!

558. Happy Birthday Uncle Lyle!

559. Happy Birthday Gramps!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm headed back to bed.

Have a great & healthy week friends!


  1. I'm jealous that you are so close to target! I hope you are feeling better today.


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