Woven Differently.

“Fortunately, the time has long passed when people liked to regard the United States as some kind of melting pot, taking men and women from every part of the world and converting them into standardized, homogenized Americans.

We are, I think, much more mature and wise today. Just as we welcome a world of diversity, so we glory in an America of diversity -- an America all the richer for the many different and distinctive strands of which it is woven.”

Hubert H. Humphrey

When we first moved to Nebraska, I got asked all the time what I thought of our new home, or our new lifestyle, or my new office.

My standard answer was usually:

"It's not good or bad, it's just different."

And it was, and still is.


{Different} is hard for some people.

There's been more than one evening where I've called Clint at home so frustrated because what I am at work is too different for some people I interact with.

(Too young, wrong gender.)

I probably take their barbs too personally.

The smaller person in me just wants to shout

"I'm not good or bad, I'm just different than what you're used to - but that's OK!"

But the bigger person in me doesn't let the words come out.

But let me tell you - there are times that I've REALLY wanted to.

(Ugh, I'm still frustrated over some comments I got this week - so thanks for letting me vent about that a bit.)

I just have to keep reminding myself -

"It takes all kinds."



Anyway - back on track....

{Different} has been good to us.

We've gotten to experience a lifestyle that many never get the opportunity to.

And like different strands of barbed wire can hold up the same fencepost and keep it straight, so can different people and experiences of woven backgrounds make up our lives.


  1. So so true. It's like going from ranch country to farming country. It's different, but full of a whole set of new experiences.

    Good post!

  2. You're so old!

    I hope that makes you feel better! Love ya

  3. Great post...I love your analogy of barbed wire...Praying others get use to your kind of different :D Because they are sooooo missing out if they don't! Sweet blessings!


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