Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope your day is filled with lots of treats....

And only a few tricks!


Friday, October 29, 2010

One lesson learned....

We got a pseudo lesson in parenting this weekend....

Our niece and nephew have been out at the ranch this week since their school is on fall break.

And while we love them so much - today, we learned that....

What can used to haul heifers....

And move bulls from one pasture to another....

Can also be used to corral a rowdy niece & nephew.

Well - at least for a little while!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the heart knows.

I've been a little off-center in my professional life lately.

My routine has been not-so-routine.

Time seems to seep through my day like sand through fingers.

Words & comments have slipped out of my mouth that I don't recognize as my own.

Things outside of my control seem larger than those that are in my control.

My confidence has been a bit shaken.

And I've been grasping trying to be the best {me}.


"What the heart knows by heart is all that can calm the heart."


Don't get me wrong - October has been a great month with some great experiences.

I've laughed a lot and gotten to catch up with old friends who I rarely get to see.

And my personal life & time at home have been the biggest blessings.

But in those quiet moments when I'm alone after work, or during a break...

I just haven't been {sure}.

There have been some nights I've laid in bed totally exhausted...and yet my mind can't be stilled.

A single event will replay over and over in my mind like a skipping CD that you can't get to the stop button fast enough.

Did I do the right thing? React the right way? Say the right words?

Is it all a test?

A test to see what we're made of?

How we react in the moments of doubt?

How we respond to our peers when we can't begin to comprehend why they've responded in the way we have?

A test of gratitude?

Or is it just a matter of time?


"God gives us time and then we say we don’t have time for God."


It's a little amazing to me how on those nights when I can't still my mind....

I start praying....

And the next thing I know is my alarm is going off to sound a new day.

Blank slate.

New beginning.

Fresh opportunity.

I just have to grasp it.

And the glorious thing of it all, is that He's given me more time.

More time to grow.

More time to reflect.

More time to love.

And more time to serve.


-Both the bolded qutoes by Ann Voskamp

Monday, October 25, 2010

Indy 2010.

Well - another National FFA Convention is in the books.

And I have a total of 4 pictures to show for it.

Because I spent most of my time here....

Behind this...

Or at the fairgrounds hanging out with Raney...

Solving all of the world's problems.

Well - at least some of them. And making a few name tags along the way!

(Seriously - it's amazing how many people we could make happy with just a little name tag. I guess it's because people like to be recognized?)

This was our sixth year back in Indy - and like we said all last week:

We'll keep coming back, because if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

holy experience

660. Getting to catch up with old friends who I only get to see the third week in October.

661. Working with all of the fabulous CDE staff & assistants!

662. Earplugs.

663. Starbucks on Room 1032.

664. Getting to see convention through Tara & KJ's eyes.

665. An awesome opening session speaker. If you have a free 1/2 hour, check out SchoolTube - Josh Shipp: 2010 National FFA Convention Speaker

667. And a goat.

668. Infinite Potential.

669. Or, as I announced....Infinite Possibilities. (Whoops.)

670. Killer boxed lunches. Kind of.

671. $14.99 sweatshirts.

672. A full four days.

673. Great songs on the radio to drive home to - so loving Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" right now!

674. A full day to sleep/lounge/relax/catch up on Sunday.

675. A husband to sleep/lounge/relax/catch up with.

676. Loving my time at home.

677. A quick visit & hug from Mel before I headed back to town.

678. Good conversations with my sees-ter.

679. Infinite blessings.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Random fun.

It all started with a $50 piano.

And turned into a Saturday afternoon you couldn't have planned, even if you tried!

holy experience

640. Chinese buffet for lunch.

641. A stroll through Safeway. (Oh Safeway, how I have missed you! The Wal-mart's here are just not the same...)

642. A roller coaster view of Crawford's landscape and foothills.

643. Elk calling in the pickup.

645. House browsing.

646. And finally, the $50 piano picked up and brought home for my niece.


647. My favorite one-liner's of the day -

"We'll be back by 5:00."

(Never mind that it was almost 7:00 when we rolled in....)

"How heavy can that little piano be?"


"It's only four miles south of town."

"Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh! Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh! Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh!"

"Shut up woman, I know right where I'm at.

two seconds later....

On a county road headed west."

(Now the line above was said in funny jest to my sister-in law.)

"Really, unless you eat three plates at the buffet, you're not getting your money's worth."

"You ate Chinese buffet for lunch without me?"

"Never mind."


And for more "normal" blessings....

648. A quick work week.

649. TCBY's Waffle Cone Wednesday's.

650. A scale that has stayed static....while my gym routine has been thrown off.

651. A deer collision missed - but I was almost able to say I bagged my first buck in Nebraska! Well, or that the Camry had bagged a buck! :)

652. A fun, fun, afternoon spent in Hemingford.

653. Being able to hold it together and go with the flow.

654. The nicest compliment I've received in a while from my sweet niece.

655. A freezer full of frozen homemade meals.

656. An easy Sunday afternoon.

657. Cuddling on the couch.

658. A 24-hour car wash w/ a pressure washer. (While I didn't hit a deer on the way home, I did run over an already hit deer on the way back to Kearney - I couldn't help it, there was a car coming, and there wasn't any shoulder. But after $2 in quarters, I was good to go!)

659. A fun trip planned this week.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Food for thought.

It seems like whenever someone talks about what farmers & ranchers need to do to help the public understand their roles in America's success....

Almost everyone mentions more communication.

Well, speaking of communication....

Have you seen the recent Pro Farming videos on You Tube?

I hadn't until my sister posted this one on her blog....

Which then led me to this one....

It's amazing what the American Farmer & Rancher does.

Just some food for thought.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This dog.

It's amazing what a dog can do for a person.

Having a bad day?

Angry at the world?

Can't find the good in anything?

Well - walk in your house and have your dog meet you at the door.

I bet...

Your mood will change.

Your words will be softer.

Things will look different.


We have three fun border collies - Austin, Katie Mae and Leo.

Austin will always be Clint's dog.

Katie has become be my dog.

And Leo is "ours".

They each can turn a rough day into a tolerable one. Their personalities and desire to be loved/petted/belly rubbed can't help but make you feel better.


And this weekend, while Dave & Mel were away at a wedding - one more dog joined the pack.

He thought he was quite the ranch dog I tell you.

And like Austin is Clint's dog, I would venture to say that Buddy is Dave's dog.

But this weekend, he let us love on him a little too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few things I'm lovin' this week...

1. My chiropractor!

So much better today....hopefully I'll be back at the gym tomorrow night. (Because one thing that isn't lovin' me this week is my scale!)

2. October in Nebraska.

I was reading in the newspaper last week that the only reason Nebraskans can endure the summer heat & humidity here is because they know there will be a beautiful October to enjoy.

I forgot I had taken these Monday morning before branding, but was pleasantly surprised tonight when I downloaded my pictures from the weekend. In Oregon, the leaves change colors. Here, we don't have many (or really, any!) trees, but the grass does change color.

3. A three day work week

Sorry - I'm gloating right now. I'll stop now. Maybe. Ok - I'm done. Promise.

But most of all....

4. This man.

My favorite fencing partner.
He's the best.
I love him so much.
Forever & ever, and no matter what.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Let the good times roll....

It's Columbus day today.

(Or, if you're Canadian, Thanksgiving!)

Which means all federal employees are not at work!

(Suh-weet! Let the good times roll - between now and February, we have 7 federal holidays!)

Anyway....this federal employee was at home helping brand the fall calves, and work the fall cows.

It was nothing short of exciting.

Including - me falling off my horse.

But I will be OK.

I will also be at the chiropractor's tomorrow.

But I will be OK.

My ego - well, it's going to be bruised for a while.

Along with my right hip.

But back on track - we got the cows/calves worked, and now I'm off to jump in the shower and head back to Kearney for a short (3-day!) work week.

I didn't get any pictures of branding....we had just enough help, so there wasn't time to snap any pictures.

So you'll have to deal with the fencing pictures I'll post later.

I know - you can hardly wait - fencing pictures! :)

holy experience

620. Strong hands.

621. A stronger heart.

622. Lots of love and little jokes.

623. H-braces built.

624. Homemade dinners.

625. A new printer/fax/copier/scanner! It's amazing what $100 can buy!

626. Figuring out how to hook up the printer/fax/copier/scanner! :)

627. A three day weekend spent working side by side. (Well, Clint did most of the work - but I was at his side - does that count?)

628. Not having to do loads & loads of laundry - it was already done when I got home.

629. Hanging my fall wreath.

630. Wide open spaces.

631. Sweet puppies to meet you at the door.

632. The trees and their fall leaves.

633. A bit of rain.

634. Enough foresight to get my feet out of the stir-ups.

635. God looking over us.

636. Helping hands.

637. An event free branding....well, once we got the cows to the corral.

638. Branding lunches. Mel did it again - thank you again!

639. Good bye kisses as I head back to work.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hula Hoopin' It Up

For a more "family friendly" activity after flam-bongo....

The Clancy's brought plenty of hula hoops!

The little kids (Aiden & Ellie) were so precious to watch....

And Alicia & Amanda showed them how it was done!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They call it....


I'll let the pictures tell the story....

The Champions!

And then there was the Swan-bongo!

Try as we did...we weren't able to make the ISU swan-bongo work.

But it was fun trying!


And yes, those were Beer Margarita's in our cups!

A new ISU tailgate tradition?