Clancy Family Tailgate - Part Deux

My Grandma turned 80 last weekend, and so to celebrate, the Clancy family (my mom's side of the family) gathered in Ames for the weekend to celebrate.

We also wrapped it in with the 6th Annual Clancy Family Tailgate.

Mom & Lindsay flew out from Oregon, Clint & I drove over from Nebraska, my Uncle Mike & cousin Ryan, his girlfriend Kelly, cousin Amanda and her boyfriend Cody and cousin Jenna came from Minnesota, and my Aunt Mary, Uncle Larry, Aunt Julie, Uncle Curt, cousin Alicia, her boyfriend Adam, cousin Andrea and her husband Brian, and sons Aiden & Conner, and cousin Alayna all joined us in Ames.

(Whew! Sorry for the list - but this way I can remember who all was there!)

And all together, we proceeded to have one hell of a time.

Three pickups packed with coolers, food, games & one first-aid kit.
Swanbongo & Flambongo (pictures & explanations to come later this week).
Beer margaritas.
A BBQ & all of the fixins.
The Clancy Flag.
Hula hoops.
Family, friends and LOTS of laughter.

Seriously, I don't know how you could have packed more FUN into a Saturday.

And because it was so fun - and between all of us, we took over 2 gigs of pictures - there will be many pictures posted.

Because I want to remember these memories.

Oh - and the Cyclones won (a huge surprise to Clint, Lindsay & I - good thing we'd bought the proper apparel) and we had the best seats in our lives. (We were literally on the the end zone, on the third row of three-row bleaches where the camera guys sit right in front of you!) Thanks again Alicia!

holy experience

600. Dinner on the 7th story.

601. Beer in plastic cups.

602. A score to settle. (For the record, I think Alayna was the winner.)

603. Pictures & catching up.

604. The "goods" purchased - beer, limeade, tequila & 7-up. Oh, and some water - although we wouldn't touch that until Sunday. :)

605. Cramming it all in three pickups.

606. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby with mom.

607. A day spend relaxing, visiting and fun-having.

608. Family pictures & family flags.

609. Hula hoops, flamingos, and a yellow swan.

610. One bite for you....two bites for me. (Gotta love Aiden!)

611. Popcorn cake.

612. FSA coozies.

613. Time well spent.

614. $60 tickets for $35.

615. A great game - and even better seats!

616. A mom who was willing to come back afterwards and pick us up. (Thanks again Mom!)

617. A hot air balloon ride for Grandma, Mom & Aunt Mary and breakfast at Hy-Vee with the rest of the crew.

618. Memorable, fun-loving, & fabulous family.

619. A great Grandma - who without her, wouldn't have made this weekend possible!


  1. So glad to see all the fun you guys had.

  2. I bet it was so fun to see your mom and sister, and all the others. I'm sure they have missed you. We miss you too. Looks like a blast.

  3. :) smiling for you and with you ... I see JOY all over your faces!! :)


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