Let the good times roll....

It's Columbus day today.

(Or, if you're Canadian, Thanksgiving!)

Which means all federal employees are not at work!

(Suh-weet! Let the good times roll - between now and February, we have 7 federal holidays!)

Anyway....this federal employee was at home helping brand the fall calves, and work the fall cows.

It was nothing short of exciting.

Including - me falling off my horse.

But I will be OK.

I will also be at the chiropractor's tomorrow.

But I will be OK.

My ego - well, it's going to be bruised for a while.

Along with my right hip.

But back on track - we got the cows/calves worked, and now I'm off to jump in the shower and head back to Kearney for a short (3-day!) work week.

I didn't get any pictures of branding....we had just enough help, so there wasn't time to snap any pictures.

So you'll have to deal with the fencing pictures I'll post later.

I know - you can hardly wait - fencing pictures! :)

holy experience

620. Strong hands.

621. A stronger heart.

622. Lots of love and little jokes.

623. H-braces built.

624. Homemade dinners.

625. A new printer/fax/copier/scanner! It's amazing what $100 can buy!

626. Figuring out how to hook up the printer/fax/copier/scanner! :)

627. A three day weekend spent working side by side. (Well, Clint did most of the work - but I was at his side - does that count?)

628. Not having to do loads & loads of laundry - it was already done when I got home.

629. Hanging my fall wreath.

630. Wide open spaces.

631. Sweet puppies to meet you at the door.

632. The trees and their fall leaves.

633. A bit of rain.

634. Enough foresight to get my feet out of the stir-ups.

635. God looking over us.

636. Helping hands.

637. An event free branding....well, once we got the cows to the corral.

638. Branding lunches. Mel did it again - thank you again!

639. Good bye kisses as I head back to work.


  1. Hope the chiropractor can help ya!

  2. Oh Darc - hoping your good as new soon! :)

    Really thinking I need to start my list up again ... you're going to be to 1000 before you know it :)


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