Random fun.

It all started with a $50 piano.

And turned into a Saturday afternoon you couldn't have planned, even if you tried!

holy experience

640. Chinese buffet for lunch.

641. A stroll through Safeway. (Oh Safeway, how I have missed you! The Wal-mart's here are just not the same...)

642. A roller coaster view of Crawford's landscape and foothills.

643. Elk calling in the pickup.

645. House browsing.

646. And finally, the $50 piano picked up and brought home for my niece.


647. My favorite one-liner's of the day -

"We'll be back by 5:00."

(Never mind that it was almost 7:00 when we rolled in....)

"How heavy can that little piano be?"


"It's only four miles south of town."

"Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh! Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh! Aaaaeeeeaahhhhh!"

"Shut up woman, I know right where I'm at.

two seconds later....

On a county road headed west."

(Now the line above was said in funny jest to my sister-in law.)

"Really, unless you eat three plates at the buffet, you're not getting your money's worth."

"You ate Chinese buffet for lunch without me?"

"Never mind."


And for more "normal" blessings....

648. A quick work week.

649. TCBY's Waffle Cone Wednesday's.

650. A scale that has stayed static....while my gym routine has been thrown off.

651. A deer collision missed - but I was almost able to say I bagged my first buck in Nebraska! Well, or that the Camry had bagged a buck! :)

652. A fun, fun, afternoon spent in Hemingford.

653. Being able to hold it together and go with the flow.

654. The nicest compliment I've received in a while from my sweet niece.

655. A freezer full of frozen homemade meals.

656. An easy Sunday afternoon.

657. Cuddling on the couch.

658. A 24-hour car wash w/ a pressure washer. (While I didn't hit a deer on the way home, I did run over an already hit deer on the way back to Kearney - I couldn't help it, there was a car coming, and there wasn't any shoulder. But after $2 in quarters, I was good to go!)

659. A fun trip planned this week.


  1. LMAO oh my gosh the house brousing just got me. I also love all the one liners and how accurate they are. Especially the Chinease buffet one!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Thanks for the fun fun Saturday and the lesson in elk calling. LOL

  2. continuing to miss you ... continuing to cheer for you and the adventures you have ... continuing to enjoy the blessings right along with you ... thank goodness for blogs :)

  3. So giggling as I try to imagine all your blessings unfolding :D GOD is GOOD..and I'm so smiling that He is shining on you so brightly! Sweet blessings!


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