This dog.

It's amazing what a dog can do for a person.

Having a bad day?

Angry at the world?

Can't find the good in anything?

Well - walk in your house and have your dog meet you at the door.

I bet...

Your mood will change.

Your words will be softer.

Things will look different.


We have three fun border collies - Austin, Katie Mae and Leo.

Austin will always be Clint's dog.

Katie has become be my dog.

And Leo is "ours".

They each can turn a rough day into a tolerable one. Their personalities and desire to be loved/petted/belly rubbed can't help but make you feel better.


And this weekend, while Dave & Mel were away at a wedding - one more dog joined the pack.

He thought he was quite the ranch dog I tell you.

And like Austin is Clint's dog, I would venture to say that Buddy is Dave's dog.

But this weekend, he let us love on him a little too.


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