Indy 2010.

Well - another National FFA Convention is in the books.

And I have a total of 4 pictures to show for it.

Because I spent most of my time here....

Behind this...

Or at the fairgrounds hanging out with Raney...

Solving all of the world's problems.

Well - at least some of them. And making a few name tags along the way!

(Seriously - it's amazing how many people we could make happy with just a little name tag. I guess it's because people like to be recognized?)

This was our sixth year back in Indy - and like we said all last week:

We'll keep coming back, because if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

holy experience

660. Getting to catch up with old friends who I only get to see the third week in October.

661. Working with all of the fabulous CDE staff & assistants!

662. Earplugs.

663. Starbucks on Room 1032.

664. Getting to see convention through Tara & KJ's eyes.

665. An awesome opening session speaker. If you have a free 1/2 hour, check out SchoolTube - Josh Shipp: 2010 National FFA Convention Speaker

667. And a goat.

668. Infinite Potential.

669. Or, as I announced....Infinite Possibilities. (Whoops.)

670. Killer boxed lunches. Kind of.

671. $14.99 sweatshirts.

672. A full four days.

673. Great songs on the radio to drive home to - so loving Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" right now!

674. A full day to sleep/lounge/relax/catch up on Sunday.

675. A husband to sleep/lounge/relax/catch up with.

676. Loving my time at home.

677. A quick visit & hug from Mel before I headed back to town.

678. Good conversations with my sees-ter.

679. Infinite blessings.


  1. Love the post!! Summed it up perfectly!! Well, except for the Music of the Night at Crowne Cemetary!! Loved seeing you once again, and next October of course!!

  2. Glad to see you had such a nice time.


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