The Camry had a bad day.

Bow season started in Nebraska this weekend.

The good news: I guess you could say I got my first deer of the season.

The bad news: I got it with the Camry.

Actually, for the record - the deer hit me.

I was just following the car in front of me coming home on Hwy 2 last Friday night. Going under the speed limit I might add, since I was like "Well, if I stay behind this car, if a deer comes out, they'll hit it first."

But there was a group of deer on the side of the road, and after the car I was following went past them, one bolted out....right into the front side of the Camry.

Let's just say.....the Camry's future after Friday night is not looking so good.

And I wasn't even reading!

I'm blessed that I wasn't hurt at all.

After talking with my insurance company today (praise God for insurance!) it sounds like the Camry will most likely be totalled. But I'll know more later this week after an adjuster looks at it.

And to top things off....wouldn't you know it, there are NO rental cars available in Kearney until tomorrow afternoon?

So I've been driving around in town in style!

If you can call duct tape, baling twine and plastic sheeting stylish! :)

Can you?

So - I'll probably be in the market for a new(er) car.

One that gets good gas mileage.

And repels deer.

Any suggestions????

But like my wise Grandma said today when she called me out of the blue,

"There's always a little bit of good in anything bad."

That's a quote to take to the bank, I tell ya.


And the multitudes keep rolling in....

holy experience

700. Sweet little Addie Marie's baptism yesterday.

701. Getting to hang out with her, our other niece and nephew Rylie & James, and their parents.

702. Not realizing how much damage I'd done until I got home. (I long as the car was running, I should just keep going. So I didn't even realize that I wouldn't be able to hardly open my car door until I was in my driveway.)

703. Good weather Friday night....It would have been a major bummer to drive the 100 miles I had left home after the deer hit me with a busted out window in the rain/sleet/snow!

704. A husband who can just make it all better. Love you Clint!

705. Really good auto insurance. Thanks Kerri! I'll be sad when I have to switch to my Nebraska agent in February.

*If anyone is looking for a really good insurance agent, I highly recommend my college friend Kerri. She's on top of things, makes sure you're covered, and does it economically!

706. Safely making it home.

707. A morning spent outside.

708. An afternoon spent napping.

709. Sunshine.All.Day.Saturday.

710. College football on TV. Too bad the Beavs lost :(

711. Facebooking with friends.

712. Leftover pecan pie.

713. Working together.

714. Hugs & a kiss goodbye.

715. Cute little 3-packs of Lindt truffles in the Christmas aisle in Walmart. It's the perfect amount of goodness for $1!

716. 70 degree Nebraska!

717. A great Zumba class tonight at the Y.

718. Clearance Halloween candy. (I know, it kind of off-sets the one above...but clearance Halloween candy only comes about once a year!)

719. Lots of love....from all directions!


  1. So glad you weren't hurt. To bad for the camry I was wondering how many miles it had in it.

  2. Alicia ClancyNovember 08, 2010

    Sorry to hear about the deer! Two years in a row I hit a deer on the same mile stretch on the same part of the same car. Totaled isn't too bad!

    P.S. I'm pretty happy with my Honda Accord!

  3. I'm SO glad you are ok and you had decent weather. And I hope this week treats you better!

    Sooo...I'm pretty sure the Clinton should be concerned about how many hot men you're gonna be picking up driving that thing around town! I'm kinda jealous so maybe you could ask him to duck tape my car with a little twine the next time I see him. Or for Christmas. Just an idea!

    PS - Just what is the twine holding up?

  4. I am sorry to hear about your car, buy oh my goodness the picture of it made me laugh and laugh! Stylish, for sure!

    Sounds like we're both thankful for good auto insurance this week!

  5. I am so glad you are ok. And your sister's comment made me laugh out loud. I think your car must attract those suckers. By the way, did you ever get rid of all the deer guts from the trip before Indy?

    I would stay stick with a Toyota, but maybe a different color?? LOL I think the deer love that one.

    SO happy you are safe and that is a pretty snazzy ride you have going there. I mean why get rid of it? LOL

  6. So sorry to hear that you had a run-in with a deer ....... glad you came out of it unscathed :-)
    Love the new look for your car ..... pretty sure you're getting "second glances" :-)

  7. I'm excited to see what you may end up with ... a new car, more adventures, and joy all along the way!

    the baling twine ... cracking me up!! :)

    Love you Darcy - can't tell you enough how much I miss you and how thankful you're still in my life ... SERIOUSLY!! :)

    Thank goodness ... for blogs!!


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