The fighting has ended.

You know it's time for a new dryer, when Mel (my mother in law, who lives right across the lawn) comes over to the house and asks "Is everything OK?"

And my response would be, "Oh yeah, I'm just drying a load of laundry."

Ever since we moved out here to Nebraska, we have been fighting with our dryer.

"We're fighting!" it was always saying.

Name the college friend.... :)

First it was the heating element that didn't work.

Then, it needed a new fuse.

Thankfully when both of these went out, we had great weather, and I could dry everything on the clothesline. Not so easy when it's 18 degrees outside and snowing.

And finally, two weeks ago, it just kept thumping and thumping.

You know it's bad when you can't watch TV in the other room, while at the same time drying a load of clothes.

My first instinct was to ignore the dryer. I mean, the clothes were getting dry (eventually), and the house wasn't burning down. But then last week, it just quit. You'd throw a load in, press start, it'd make a few rounds, and then just stop.


We (I use we loosely....basically Clint did the work) took it apart, wiggled some things, took the drum off, re-tightened the belt, wiggled some more things, and started her up.

Still a no-go.

So, this weekend we headed into town and bought this little number....

Hello lovers. I love how you do my laundry.



Space savers. (We love that you can stack them!)

Actually, we were just going to buy a normal dryer, but when we got to Home Depot, we saw that these were on mega-sale, and that we could stack them.

Did you know that you can only stack a washer/dryer if it is the same model and made in the same year? True!

We ended up buying the pair, so that we woudn't get a year down the road, have our washer give out on us, and then have to buy a washer that we couldn't stack.

The $450 off when you bought the pair didn't hurt either.

So - we're back in business.

And the piles of laundry that had been stacked up - are done!

And the multitudes continue.....

holy experience

720. A three day work week.

721. The many sacrifices our Veteran's have made for us.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

723. Finally getting a rental car - a cute little Ford Focus.

724. Getting over 32 mpg on the drive home....and NOT hitting a deer with it.

725. Waffle cone Wednesday at TCBY.

726. Rifle season for deer in Nebraska. Unless I was imagining it, there were a few less deer on the road when I drove back to Kearney.

Is 85,000 deer licenses a lot? Because that's what they issued for Nebraska this year.

727. Success for the hunters who were out at our place. They got a really nice buck.

728. Our new washer/dryer.

729. All of our landry....done!

730. An evening in Scottsbluff.

731. Checking out the new Chevy Equinox with Clint.

732. Dinner at Sonic.

733. Talking with my family on the phone.

734. Getting to talk with Lindsay before she hit the beach with the boys.

735. Getting a peek at the Black Friday can too! Look on Do you have your Christmas lists ready?

736. Our first snow!

737. "Caking" the cows with Clint this weekend. Ranchers here feed big 2x1 inch pellets of "cake" that are compressed distillers/screenings/feed and are high in protein and energy. The cows love them and will follow a truck with a caker on it wherever!

738. Getting my own cake - PW's chocolate sheet cake cupcakes - with buttercream frosting. Have mercy...the diet kind of got thrown out the door this weekend. But these were worth it.

739. Just a really great weekend at home - loved it.


  1. Does Nebraska give you a tax credit like Oregon when you buy energy efficient??


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