Falling into place.

Hello friends - it's Wednesday.

You probably already know that.

This week has been chaotic, busy, and FULL.

But in the best way possible.

I've been in meetings in Lincoln and haven't had access to computer....so my {multitudes} are a bit late.

But better late than never!

holy experience

680. A beautiful October and a November that's looking pretty promising!

681. A family filled Halloween weekend.

682. Carving pumpkins.

683. Roasting pumpkin seeds.

684. Funny, exasperated stories.

685. Making dinner together & the sweet "breadsticks" our niece and nephew made us. (Please ignore how beat up this pan is! Eeek!)

686. Halloween treats.

687. No tricks!

688. A great sale at Pieper Red Angus - really, I'd have to say it was the best hospitality I've seen at a sale.

689. A new colt. (Yup, another one!)

690. A hilarious, funny, spooky and fabulous time at the Cornstalk haunted corn maze!

691. A sister-in law who provided the best laughs! Thanks Kristi for letting us laugh with you! Of course, we were NEVER laughing at you! ;)

692. Quick phone conversations with Clint in the mornings this week....they've been the best way to start my last two days!

693. A new dress from Target. And it was on clearance...sweet!

694. A couple of well spent days in Lincoln.

695. Teaching new co-workers what it REALLY means to be a Beaver Believer!

696. A better (although crazy) week at work - and I got to meet with our administrator - good experience!

697. A totally unexpected surprise waiting on my desk when I got back from Lincoln. Thanks Mel {and company}!

698. Talking with my sister.

699. 2 more pounds lost this month! (Small - but steady!)


  1. Thank you guys for sharing such a fun time with us at the corn maze. Even if I was the one screaming like a girl almost the whole time.

    Have a great rest of the week!


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