It's official.

The Camry has been totalled.

Sad day. : (

I loved that car so.

But alas....all is not lost. Because now I get to buy a new car.

Except I'm jumping ships.

See, I've always been a Ford girl. The pickup I have now is my fourth Ford.

My first pickup was a 1985 tan Ford Ranger. It was sweet. My parents won it with a $10 raffle ticket at a cow show in California when I was 2 or 3. Both my brother and I drove it through high school.

Then my parents got me an F-150 extended cab. It took me to college. And then it blew up on I-5 outside of Albany. But I couldn't hold that against had a gazillion miles on it, and had been a great pickup.

So then I got an F-250. Clint and I took it on our first date to the beach. Good memories with that pickup.

And finally, after I graduated...I bought the big daddy. An F-350 diesel crew cab.

But it only gets 15-17 mpg, and when you drive over 2,000 miles a month, that adds up to one big gas bill!

So - if the car dealership can get it all worked out....

I'm jumping ships, and buying this...

It's a Chevy Equinox. And it's highway rated for 32 mpg!


And it has all wheel drive....which I think will come in handy this winter.

What do you think?


  1. What do I think? I think I'm jealous you are getting a Chevy Equinox! However, you probably won't be picking up as many hot guys around town. Maybe consider taking the damcam on one last spin!

    ***FUEL bill...I feel like if I put gas in that thing tonight it wouldn't like me much lol

  2. whoo hoo!! :) I LOVE it!! Love you too ~

  3. Well, it looks high enough that that deer guts won't stick in your undercarriage!! LOL

    I like it and I hope it all works out for you!

    But does it have a good enough light ot read by? That is the question!

  4. oooohh. So sexy and sleek...Just like you!:)




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