Look out....here we come.

The Sexson's are headed for good 'ol Eastern Oregon!

So excited!

I didn't think we were going to be able to swing it, but Delta dropped their rewards tickets over the weekend....and now I get to come home for a few days.

Delta SkyMiles - I love you!

Sorry - I'm a bit excited. Clint had already planned on flying back on Monday the 6th to help Wadekamper's AI their heifers and cows and now I'll be able to fly in Thursday night the 9th and spend the weekend! Then Clint will drive home and I'll fly back to Lincoln Monday afternoon.



Ok - I'll calm down now. It's just that we've both been really missing our good friends back home and we're so excited to be able to come back and (hopefully) spend some time with all of you!

“Friendship is a treasured gift, and every time I talk with you I feel as if I'm getting richer and richer.”

holy experience

760. Thanksgiving with Clint's mom's side of the family in Denver.

Phrase of the day - "You touched it, now you have to eat it!"

761. Turkey roasted in a roaster oven. It looked easy peasy to do - and it turned out delicious!

762. Pie. Pie. And some more pie.

763. Four generations all together. It was great fun getting to meet & visit with everyone.

764. Black Friday shopping.

765. Clint waking up at 3:30 am to come with me.

766. Killer deals - and getting to watch a funny fight at the Target checkout line.

767. A great college football weekend - oh, except for the OSU game.

(Ugh - they were killing us Saturday night! What happened Beavs?)

768. Visiting with Scott, Alan & Melinda and getting to play with the kiddos.

769. Getting to visit with my dad on the phone.

770. Great weather - not that it stuck around, but it was nice while it lasted.

771. A Saturday morning spent visiting.

772. A niece and nephew who we love to pieces. And it's nice too that they'll watch our dogs. (Thanks again Jacer! You did great!)

773. Getting to see the big buck while we were out caking.

774. My husband. Love you. Mean it.

775. Co-workers who'll pick up the slack while I'm gone for a few days.

776. Reservations for dinner at the Bowring next weekend.

777. Sky miles.

778. Loving when it all just works out.

779. Coming home to Oregon - can't wait!


  1. I'm so glad you get to go too! It does a person good to get to go home when they've been transplanted in a new place. (I know.) I enjoyed the visiting too!

  2. I CAN NOT WAIT!! :) Love your list!! :) and am thrilled that you were out shopping (for me) too!!

  3. OMG! How exciting! I can't wait either! Let me know if you have a free second to get together... I know your weekend will be short and busy. Maybe a group dinner?

  4. I know you'll be received with a VERY, WARM WELCOME when you arrive in Eastern Oregon ...... it's going to be great!!


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