Shipping time.

Our neighbors, the Finney's shipped their calves this weekend, so we spent Thursday morning at their place.

It's what the neighbors do around here....everyone pitches in and helps each other whenever it's needed.

And it all just works. It's a good thing I tell ya.

Anyway, back to Thursday morning. Semi-trucks can't get to where the Finney's headquarters are located, so everyone brings their pickups and trailers, and after gathering & sorting the calves, the calves get hauled down the road in various trailers to the neighboring ranch, and their loading facilities are used to weigh and load the calves into the waiting semi's.

The neighboring ranch is owned by Ted Turner, and they only run buffalo on the ranch, which are too big for standard cattle corrals. So the beautiful working corrals, scale and loading chute don't ever get used by Turner's. But they work just great for the Finney's! Lucky them!

These are just a few pictures from the morning....everything went smoothly which was a blessing!

And an even bigger blessing.....when we were done, Jean, Y & Mel had warm cinnamon rolls, shredded BBQ beef sandwiches and chips & dip waiting! Yum!


  1. Looks like a good day. Plus you are always gonna get a good meal there.

  2. Nothing better than help from a neighbor! Looks like a fun day!


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