Christmas 2010

From bale feeders to TV's, puppies to gawdy jewelry, and family calendars to multi-tools....

We saw it all this Christmas!

Oh - and we ate....a lot!

These past two weeks, I haven't blogged at all...

And like my sister lovingly said yesterday, "Hey, didn't your husband get you a fancy new camera for Christmas? How about you use it and put some pictures up!"

My husband did get me a new camera - he's pretty wonderful like that.

It's a Canon Rebel Ti1....and I have no idea how to use it. At least not yet.

Well, that's kind of a lie. I know how to use the "Dumby" (or is it "Dummy"?) setting. That's what the pictures below were taken with.

But the best present of the gift of family, and we were blessed to spend time with them over the weekend.


  1. Love your pictures. I love the reactions of Aunt Lori that you caught. Oh my gosh just makes me laugh recalling it all!

  2. Yay for a new camera and lots of fun pictures! Nice new bale feeder....wishing my land looked like yours....right now my bale feeder is stuck in MUCK and MUD is everywhere....ughhhh! wishing you a WONDERFUL 2011....I can't wait to see your story goes in the New year! Sweet blessings!

  3. Nice job Santa! Glad to see you enjoyed your Christmas break! We missed u so much at bunco! Happy New Year my friend! I loved your picture too, you guys are too cute!

  4. I bet you actually got a T1i. ;-)

    And I KNOW I am jealous!!!

    Happy New Year!


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