Random bits & pieces.

Clint made it to Oregon - wahoo!

And he was able to get a new phone, which was a much needed item.

See, I kind of washed his phone right when we moved out to Nebraska....I got it dried out, and it worked for a couple of months after that. Lately it hasn't been charging. It hasn't been a big deal, since we don't get cell service at the ranch, which is where Clint spends most of his time....and when we're traveling, I'm usually with him.

But it was time - and we got a good deal.

In other random news -

Our puppy Leo is growing like a weed. He's now officially taller than Austin.

But while he may be taller....he's not smarter. As was evidenced this weekend while trying to sort a cow out of a pasture at the ranch.

Jace still likes to go ride whenever he comes out to the ranch. Which happened to be this last weekend.

It was a good thing - we can always use Jace's help.

It's always fun to go ride with Jace. It's also a good excuse for me to practice not falling off a horse, and we get a good laugh watching Jace trying to get up into the saddle.

We love the kid - but climbing up the stirrups into the saddle isn't a move he's mastered yet.

But he's working on it. Go cowboy, go.


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