An FSA Christmas Tea Party

My office staff is pretty amazing....and willing to do just about anything.

This mentality applies not only to our work ethic, but it also applies to our party ethic.

Let me just tell you - if something involves having a party, we're game.

Before Christmas, we decided we needed to take an office picture and send it to our neighboring county FSA offices, and a few others.

But - we wanted to make it memorable. So we had a party.

And what is more memorable than an Ugly Sweater Party!

AND, to top it off, we thought we could all do something "naughty" in the picture.

(Well, at least naughty if we were doing it in the office, on work time.)

And so I bring you.....

The Buffalo-Sherman FSA Staff

2010 Christmas Card Picture


But we didn't just stop at the Ugly Sweater party.

At our office, we celebrate all birthdays ending with a "0" with a "surprise" themed party.

(Except it's never a surprise, because everyone knows we celebrate those birthdays. What IS a surprise, is the theme of the party.)

Sharon, who is the Chief PT in the office, and my right hand, turns '____' (rhymes with pixy) this weekend, and is a major tea pot collector.

So we threw her a tea party. Complete with tea & crumpets and hats & gloves.

And a lot of fake flowers.

What can I say - the ladies here like fake flowers. But they worked.

Happy Birthday Sharon - Here's to another fabulous trip around the sun!


  1. Oh my gosh that all looks like so much fun. :)

  2. I LOVE IT! So smiling that your job and new "work family" is soooo FUN! Sweet blessings!


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