Go Tigers!

It's a winter white wonderland here tonight as I type this.

Eight inches of snow last night - and single digit temperatures today.

We had a late start this morning at the office - and even then, only five {of 12} were able to make it in.

Some producers drifted in, but for the most part, it was a pretty quiet day.

So there I was just minding my own business this afternoon, helping a producer in the front part of our office fill out some forms.

I had wrapped up what I was doing with them, and headed back to my office to take a phone call when I ran into these!


But I had to laugh - everyone here knows that we are BEAVER BELIEVERS!

I make a point of letting everyone know that I am an Oregon Beaver and NOT an Oregon Duck!

I reference it to rooting for Oklahoma....and in Nebraska, you're liable to get beat up if you say you're an Oklahoma fan!

Anyway, I found the culprit (our Farm Loan Officer) and promptly told him that I'd be rooting for Auburn tonight.

All I have to say is, "War Eagle"!


  1. still laughing ... go Oregon :)

  2. So funny. You'd look good in the duck green don't ya think? Gosh i'm hoping I'm thinking of the right team and it's green......

  3. :) Sounds like you work at a fun place...or at least everyone has fun together :) Good thing you rooted for Auburn!!! I just got your save the date yesterday...and THANK YOU so much...I LOVED it...what a great, great idea!!! Wishing you a great, warm Wednesday! Sweet blessings!


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