I had grand plans of re-posting my favorite pictures of 2010, and writing about how much I was looking forward to all of the fun 2011 will bring.

But I can't find my external hard drive right now....I thought it was in my suitcase back here in Kearney, but after not finding it this morning, now I'm pretty sure it's floating around in the backseat of Clint's pickup, which is at the ranch...

So no pictures will be posted.

Darn it.

But all is not lost - after thinking about it all last week, I think I've come up with my "word" for 2011.

Lindsay turned me on in 2010 to choosing a word for the new year, and I'm keeping up the trend.

Last year's word was "Committed".

I wanted to be committed to my friends & family, a healthier lifestyle and a better relationship with God. Oh, and I wanted to play a lot of Bunco.

But who doesn't want to play a lot of Bunco? Amen sisters!

With all of the change that's happened in the last six months, and still not knowing really what's going to happen in the next six months of 2011, I wanted a word I could live up to, but would also challenge me.


So this year, I'm working on Grace.


To ask for grace, and give it freely.

To love those around me, and not speak ill of others.

To care for others more than they expect me to.

To preach grace at all times....and use words, if necessary.

To make wise decisions and think of others before myself.

To listen more, and speak less.

To love life, whole heartedly and abundantly.

I'm a work in progress.....but who isn't?


2011 - The Year of Grace.


"He asks for Grace, not grindstone. Praise, not perfection."


  1. A GREAT word ~ praying it shines through each and every thing you do and say ~

    Love you friend and I think you're a woman of grace already ... but one can never have enough grace I think :)

  2. Grace...I love that word...and it's something I always want to strive for too....I know you'll display your word in great ways all year long! Sweet blessings!


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