New Year's Day.

Lots of things change in life....and change was no stranger to us in 2010.

New jobs. A new home & state to live in. A new marriage.

But some things I don't think will never change....

I'll probably always start the day with a Diet Pepsi.

I think Clint & I will always press snooze on the alarm clock.

Our friendships will always remain a priority to us.

And the cows will still need to be fed every morning!

Happy New Year to you from our little corner of the world!

May this year bring you love, family, friendship, warmth, prosperity and happiness!


  1. I Love looking at pictures of your life in your new little corner of the world! Looks like Winter is happening at your place too...I always feel so sorry for the cows when they are wearing snow...and sometimes, I wish...they wouldn't need to be fed every single morning..ha,ha....wishing you and Clint the VERY BEST for 2011...and I so know it's going to could it not with a big wedding on the horizon! Sweet blessings!

  2. P.S. I LOVE your new banner too :)


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