RC Bulls

Speaking of good Charolais cattle, on our way home from Denver we stopped by and looked through a pen of bulls Ritchey Charolais had on feed....

Can you ever see too many good cattle?

We think not.


P.S. - How cool is this bull?

And he's a full blood Charolais!

(Yes, they can come in a red package too!)


P.P.S. This one was Clint's favorite....

Darn shadows....

These bulls weren't mean at all,

but I was a little chicken, so I stayed close to the rail. :)


Thanks Wrex for suggesting we stop by - it was worth the trip!


  1. Good lookin' bulls!

    I had a red and white spotted Charolais bull calf once. He was 100% purebred, registered--white with red spots. His mama was white and his dad was just like that red Charolais bull in the picture. He was pretty, but looked more like a Simmental! I named him RC Mr. Rusty since that was how he looked!


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