My handsome husband turns 37 today.


37 things about Clint on his 37th Birthday:

He's a great husband.
He has a huge heart.
He likes good horses.
He's 3 days older than his sister who took this picture.
He likes Tillamook cheese and crackers.
He likes good cattle.
He probably likes good Charolais cattle the most.
He's kinda handy with a rope.
He's the shortest of three boys. (Imagine that.)
He loves being an uncle.
His friends & family mean the world to him.
He's a mean 15-passenger van driver.
He has a minor in Statistics.
After good horses, and good cattle, he likes having good dogs.
He likes John Wayne movies.
Even if it happened twenty years ago, he probably remembers it.
He's a proud Plainsmen.
And a Ram.
And a Beaver.
Don't ask him to cram five guys, their saddles and tack into a tiny car - he can.
Fat Tire's his favorite beer.
He hasn't had 37 roommates over his college career, but the number comes pretty close to that.
He's not afraid to take on a challenge.
He likes his steaks medium rare.
And he doesn't eat chicken.
Buck Taylor is his favorite artist.
He's a great teacher.
He knows a good bargain when he sees one.
And he doesn't mind waiting for the bargain.
He can usually do math faster in his head than he can on a calculator.
Give him a four wheeler and a rope, and he'll give you a good time.
He's not a big fan of sweets.
But he does like a Reese's peanut butter cup.
Spades is his game.
He can even beat you at Spades while driving a 15 passenger van.
He'd rather ride than drive.


Happy Birthday babe - you have a wife that can't wait to celebrate the next 37+ years with you.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Golden Child and thanks for all the fun and visiting this weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday Clint! Miss you two!

    Next year you can add he likes to be called el Clinton! I'm trying to find people who can play spades. It is not going well.

  3. Happy BirĂ¾hday Clint! I love the "5 guys and there saddles in a small car"! I believe u totally!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday ... and Mack agrees - nothing better than Tillamook cheese and crackers ... {where's my cheese?} :)

    Love to you Clint - you're a GREAT friend and we're proud to be able to call you that!

    Happy Birthday - LATE! :) We'll see you soon and celebrate!

  5. What a sweet birthday post on your Mr.... I Love that he doesn't eat chicken either...now I don't feel like the lone wife married to a non-chicken eating husband! ha,ha....Hope his next 37 years bring even more fun! Sweet blessings!


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