We can do hard things.

A few weeks ago, Lindsay had recently mentioned this blog she has been following, and I jumped on her bandwagon and got hooked.

Last week they featured this Etsy store, and I fell in love with this sign:

And you know what?

We can.

All of us can.

We can all do hard things.

But what separates the good from the bad, is the attitude with which we do them.

It's easy to whine, complain and say "the world isn't fair".

Seeing the glass as half full can be hard.

Seeing the world in a positive life can be hard.

Making lemonade out of lemons can be hard.

But we can do hard things.


Can I just tell you how great our long weekend in Oregon was?

It did my heart good.

Don't get me wrong - we have great family & friends here in Nebraska.

And we love them (you!) all so much.

But I just feel like when I'm back in Oregon...I'm home.

I think I have to be OK with the fact that wherever we live,

whether it's here, or back in Oregon,

we're going to be missing something.

The glass can't always be full. But then, I'm not sure if it has to be full.

I think I just have to see it as fulfilling.

It's been a hard concept to grasp.

But I can do hard things.

And so can you.


And the blessings keep multiplying....

780. Two boys {whose excitement when we came to pick them up} just made our day.

781. A very profitable bull sale for our fellow Red Angus friends.

782. Catching up with so many friends. I just love bull sales for their ability to bring so many great people together in one space like that!

783. Being late for the annual "February Birthday Dinner", and our graceful friends who didn't give us a hard time.

784. Tacos & beer margaritas. Is there a better birthday meal?

785. Lounging around for a little bit Friday morning before hitting the road.

786. THE dress. Found. Chosen. Measured. Loved!

787. Dinner with family & another birthday celebration with my dad.

788. A beautiful wedding - Congratulations again Beau & Allison!

789. A shared bottle of wine - thanks Roommate! :)

790. A table full of laughter and catching up.

791. Traeger grilled meat and the Wooden Nickel's green beans - Mt. Angel's best!

792. A very.very.very fun wedding reception.

793. An impromptu trip to Corvegas!

794. Friends who shared their house with {many} of us. Thanks again TJ & Sam!

795. A trip home in the Jet-pack.

796. Hugs, showers, and a trip to PDX.

797. A long, leisurely lunch with Clint in the Denver airport.

798. Getting all the way through PW's new book. A good read!

799. Safe travels.

800. Over 800 Oregon miles driven last weekend....800 miles of memories, laughter and love.


  1. LOVE you Darcy & Clint - LOVE you!! and yes ... YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!! And I think I need to buy you the sign ... so don't buy it ... don't ... and I'll get it for you ~

  2. Love that sign! Love your dress! Love your trip home! Love that you read PW's book so fast(I knew you would, it was SO good...pass it on the other Lindsay next)! LOVE YOU!

    PS- Jealous of #784

  3. So smiling at this post...and knowing you truly live that sign! Sweet blessings!


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