On Clint's birthday, we headed out to the ice to play around a bit.

Jace grabbed the four-wheeler, and Clint hooked his new Rhino up to the calf cart.

Calf carts make excellent sleds, didn't ya know? :)

But as soon as Clint had the Rhino hooked up, Jacobi kicked him out of the driver's seat, and took the wheel.

The girl knows what she wants....birthday or no birthday.

Just joking, we love you 'Cobers.

So once we had all the gear, we headed out to the lake (which is really just the hay meadow flooded with a few inches of water that's frozen over) to play around. Jace hung back for a bit, but then figured out that this ice thing can be pretty fun.

The calf cart soon got ditched for a rope and a floor mat, and we spent the next hour goofing off. There's a couple of videos at the end of these pictures, if you want to get the true effect. ;)

There was a reason I said yesterday,

"Give Clint a rope and a four wheeler,

and he'll show you a good time!


  1. Love all the pictures and the kids had a great time. Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness!!!... what fun, what fun!! And a GREAT way for Clint to spend his birthday - making others scream and holler for their lives!


  3. Man! I miss good Nebraska fun. We used to tow a car hood behind the pickup, before we had 4 wheelers. Happy late birthday Clint! Hope all is well.

  4. So smiling at the fun God is blessing your life with... :D Hope your Mr. had a great day all the way around! Sweet blessings!


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