A chance to grow.

We are given the chance to grow each and every day.

Each one!

Asked for or not.

Ready or not.

Sometimes the timing is perfect.

And sometimes the timing stinks.

At least in our eyes, not His.

Whether to accept it?

Whether to embrace it?

To make the choice to be green and growing...

Well - some days that's a harder choice to make than on others.

I say it a lot -

"When you're green, you're growing.

When you're ripe, you're rotten.

Always be green and growing."

So I've been talking the talk....but have I been walking the walk?

Am I accepting the chance to grow?

Or am I digging my heels in?


St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and I've been craving the color green.

I want to wear green, see green, BE green.

And I don't think it's just because of my 12% Irish heritage.

Is all of this attention to green a sign that maybe it's the inside of me that needs to be growing right now along with everything else turning green?


So - what does {green} take?

I think it takes an open mind.

(Struggling with this right now....)

I think it takes awareness.

I think it takes the support of {many}.

I think it takes daily waterings....daily thanksgivings....daily praise.

And even daily critique.

I think it takes love....and laughter....and attention.

And I know - I just know - it takes time.


And even in times of doubt:

Time and green and growth and new opportunity and blessings still abound!

820. Deep breaths.
821. Sugar cookies from Eileen's.
822. A chat with Becky.
823. Quick visits in the mornings.
824. An extra evening with my husband.
825. The jangle of chains as he headed off to Oregon.
826. Safe travels.
827. A puppy that reminds us he is still just that.
828. Christmas presents delivered in March.
829. Three chapters read.
830. Six glorious words that lifted one big burden - "Of course you can stay here!"
831. A day of professional growth - even if I haven't digested it all yet.
832. Little tasks on the to do list checked off.
833. Wedding invitations on sale.
834. The chance to keep growing.


  1. Green is a GREAT color...or so my Mr. always says :) (I always think he says it because it's the color that brings him a paycheck) So, smiling as I read your list of blessings..thanks for taking time to share them...wishing you a GREAT day of Green this week! Sweet blessings!


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